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Author: Bruno Wednesday 12 April 2023

I have always been fond of the radio. A means of communication that I love and with which I have grown up, because my grandparents always had the radio on, and even went to sleep with it. It was an endearing companion for them, and the different voices that filled the afternoons and evenings always made me feel comfortable. The radio meant being at home, and with my grandparents. When Gaspar Hernández explained to me that he was going to write his most personal book and that radio had a lot to do with it, I knew I would like it. It is the radio memoirs of a precocious radio broadcaster, since Gaspar started at the age of nine, when his father, an electrician, set up a home radio station for him. Thanks to the radio, he overcame his shyness. Since then, for more than forty years, Gaspar has spoken almost every day into a microphone. He wanted to pay tribute to the radio and the spoken voice, at a time when, thanks to podcasts, it is once again taking centre stage.

Perhaps the voice is the true mirror of the soul. A novel where sensitivity is always present and the reader enters into it almost without embellishment.

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