Author: Sandra Bruna Thursday 12 May 2022

I’m sure that almost all the people who read this blog have children, nieces, nephews or kids around and most certainly, one of the Disney movies that you have seen at some point is Mulan. Of all the ones Disney has produced, perhaps this was the one I was least in the mood to see, but I must confess that I liked it.

For those who haven’t seen it, Mulan is about a brave girl who, to help her family, pretends to be a man to go fight in the war. What I didn’t know at that time is that there was a Spanish Mulan from Leon.

In La doncella guerrera, Teresa Sagrera, one of the most outstanding writers in historical narrative right now, places us in the year 1475, in Arintero. Barely a month had passed since Henry IV died but, on a Sunday in January, men were called to war. The throne was disputed between his only daughter and the future Catholic Monarchs, Isabel and Fernando. The lands of Castilla then became the battlefield that would forever change the destiny of the kingdom. When the Count of Arintero received the news, his health no longer allowed him to fight. However, one of his daughters, the young Juana, decided to represent her family in the battle. She embarked on an epic adventure, full of intrigue and passion, in which she fought for the crown and avoided being discovered, as well as dodging (or not) love.

In this novel, based on an old Leonese ballad, Teresa Sagrera will captivate the reader with a war story that pretends to be a hymn of peace. This is the story of a warrior who had to hide under her armor to save her kingdom, honor her family and become a legend.

The Spanish Mulan will make readers of historical novels fall in love with her because the novel has all the ingredients for fans of the genre to give it a very high rating.

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