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Author: Sandra Bruna Thursday 17 January 2019

We are going through the popular January slump, and for many, unfortunately, this slump lasts the whole year, but after reading the book by Cristina Benito, MONEY MINDFULNESS, I believe this won’t be a problem anymore: we will know our relationship with money and we will become aware of it.

In the last years, there’s been a lot of talking about the importance of Mindfulness for our body and our mind, and Marie Kondo has helped us to put order in our lives. So far, so good, but what about money? Cristina Benito, economist and graduated in Business Management from the IE Business School, explains how to become aware of our personal finances. Money does not bring happiness as we have always heard, but it may help. However, the author says: money does not bring happiness but a bad relationship with it brings unhappiness. I believe here lays the difference of this book, suitable for everyone who is at the age to manage money, and to me, it has been one of the most revolutionary methods I have recently read.

The author unites Mindfulness and secrets of the most successful business men and women in the world so we will learn to generate, conserve and multiply our money, no matter what our income is, money will not be a problem anymore. Don’t you think that investing in this book makes all the sense in the world? We can assure that anyone who applies a small part of what the book says, the price he would have paid will be the best investment of his life.

At the Frankfurt Book Fair,  four international publishers (France, Italy, Greece and Brazil) already put their faith on Money Mindfulness, even before its publication in Spain, but they quickly saw the potential of the book for the readers. Today is finally the release of the book, published by Grijalbo of Penguin Random House. Although comparisons are odious, Cristina Benito is our Marie Kondo for the domestic finances, and this book a very useful tool that may change the lives of many forever. I encourage you to read only the prologue, but you won’t be able to put the book down and you will need more.

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