Author: Sandra Bruna Thursday 4 November 2021

The personal growth is in vogue nowadays. As an agent I have managed the rights of a lots of books of this topic that I have used a lot to improve my relationship with feelings, with the world, with myself and with the surroundings. For this reason, even if there are still people who considers personal growth are charlatan talks, that all they say are evidence, I must confess that for me it has been one of the most valuable tools to be able to keep going through life, that as it keeps going, it has ups and downs, and that everyone should know how to face, and most of the times to face them alone.

Almost everything about personal growth has been told: the mindfulness, happiness, luck, storytelling… It’s about storytelling that Gabriel García de Oro tells us about, he has been able to turn around this concept in his book Story Coaching published by RBA. García de Oro shows us the power that stories have. He states that all of us are made of stories, we explain the past in stories, we are explaining the here and now with stories and we project ourselves in the future by stories. García de Oro says thinks this is a marvelous thing because we can use the tools that scriptwriters, writers, storytellers in favour of our own story. Trying to detect the stories that work, and if we know why they work, we will be able to apply this technique to make our story work, the one that gets us closer to our goals, to our purpose, our intents.

This is not another book, our lives are our stories that unchain every day, every month, every year, and if we are able to shape them, we can try to guide the to the end that we most desire. A book with a different point of view, creative, with which you can work in personal growth like an approach to access the world, as we all have something to tell and our story matters.

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