Author: Sandra Bruna Thursday 25 November 2021

This week there has been a full moon. The Moon has always been magical for me, and I could spend hours watching the sky decorated with stars and dominated by the Moon that goes from waxing crescent to waning crescent depending on the day, like us, that sometimes we feel smaller and other times bigger. Stages, phases. The lunar magic is as old as humanity. Since women looked up to the sky and comprehended that her cycles were equate to those of the Moon and saw the power and the creator capacity that had at hand.

Keyla Missen, after taking our hearts with The modern magic manual, translated to two languages (Portuguese and Polish), comes back with this clear, simple, and practical guide to get started in this lunar magic with effective rituals that will help in our personal development: meditations to invoke a favor of our celestial sister, moon baths that regenerate us physical, mental, and spiritually. We will discover how to use the lunar gems which are catalysts par excellence. Powers from the nature that can play in our favor in a lot of occasions if we know how.

The Moon is magical and when we learn to channel its energy, we are nearer ourselves, without categorizing or putting labels upon us, we are closer to our dreams, of what we long for, which we always see unattainable, like the moon, but maybe the important thing is not whether we are near or far of something but comprehend that we can get there using its power. The knowledge does not occupy space so this guide can only help us get better.

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