Author: Sandra Bruna Thursday 28 April 2022

Last week we celebrated the first “Sant Jordi” as normal as possible after the pandemic. People were not wearing masks and we could see the long-awaited smiles on a day when everyone flooded the streets to walk and enjoy this tribute to books, writers, booksellers and, of course, readers.

The truth is that we had everything: sun, wind and even hail. There were mixed feelings: sadness for a weather that we did not deserve and joy that came from seeing people who stayed on the street (despite the rain) to support culture and all those who make possible this special day.

Because of that, this week I want to recommend the book published by Ana Alcolea with Anaya, El maravilloso mundo de los libros.

Since humans began to tell stories, countless literary works have been written. This book by Ana Alcolea collects many of those stories that have survived thanks to orality, that were created by great authors, that have become legendary sagas, that were unfairly banned or that have been transformed into unforgettable films. It also opens the doors to the fascinating world built around the book: from the first alphabets to the process of creating a book or the description of the most famous libraries and bookstores in the world. A picture book for the whole family, which should be a must for everyone to know the importance of storytelling and how the history of the book began.

Ana Alcolea writes in a masterful and entertaining way to reach all audiences, and this book, with a beautiful edition, will be a reference in every home. The importance of reading is growing and once again it has been shown that books endure wars, dictatorships, pandemics… and not only persist, but also succeed in being the best traveling companion in extreme cases. So, let’s give space to books and let’s learn about everything we cannot miss in this wonderful world of books.

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