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The Cursed Football Book

Author: Bruno Thursday 5 July 2018

Football is not over, not yet…

I know that books do not see eye to eye with football and the other way around but this week, that the World Cup is still on, I would love to recommend you a thriller about the football scandals that have never been revealed before: Football, sex, business and other lies.

A thriller that begins with the death of a centre-forward player in which everyone seems to have enough reasons to have murdered. A fresh style, with no restrictions and an extraordinary gift to hatch a plot that will catch the attention for both football lovers and those not very keen on that sport. “Football, sex, business and other lies” tells the story of a football club where the death of the centre-forward player is the smaller of the scandals.

Homophobia, drugs, wins through deceits, dirty business and a murder, turn this novel into the Cursed Football Book. After all… Who knows what is going on in the football club offices? I do not know if I am prepare to discover the truth but this journalist, under pseudonym, has based the story on real facts and also a pinch of fiction, but the barrier between reality and fiction is so thin that you will be surprised by all the components that take part in the football world.An entertaining novel for this summer that I truly believe that will catch the attention of a lot of readers who enjoy fast and frenetic books. As the back cover states, “a thriller about football not suitable for readers with a lack of critical thinking”. Is that you?

Sandra Bruna

<<Football, sex, business and other lies>> by R. Rocamora, Umbriel Ediciones

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