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Author: Sandra Bruna Thursday 24 June 2021

This week the blog is being published during a bank holiday in Barcelona, in the middle of a long weekend where we all sense the much-desired summer holidays, after such a troublesome period. That is why recommending this book is a pleasure, as it has helped me grow and believe in myself, and to think that effort is always worthwhile, although we might, sometimes, think otherwise. In this book NOBUO SUZUKI shows us that giving up is not an option, and that we must go on. Japanese people, after wars and natural disasters, are reborn from their ashes over and over, like a Fenix. And that is the GANBATTE philosophy, a Japanese concept which could be translated as “give it your best and never give up, carry on”. In other countries, before starting an exam, a job interview or a competition, we wish each other “good luck”, but the Japanese use the expression “Ganbatte!” to encourage each other to make an effort. Through the 50 inspirational chapters in this book, we will learn the Japanese philosophy of persistence and resilience, which is the art of overcoming adversities. If you apply the Japanese persistence and resilience in your daily life, difficult things will become easy, and the impossible will be feasible. Surprisingly enough, it’s not magic. That is why I encourage you to buy this book: easy-to-read, useful, and applicable. Ideal to start over and begin the new schoolyear with new energy.

GANBATTE is the first-ever published book about another “famous” secret of the Japanese about resilience and self-improvement. While IKIGAI is the Japanese term to find a reason for existence, GANBATTE is the term to outdo oneself, as the effort depends on each person and, if you believe not only in yourself, but in what you do, the possibilities of achieving your goals get close to 100%. And this book is the key to it. It has recently been published and has already been sold to 12 countries, that is why I am convinced that GANBATTE will be as successful as IKIGAI, which keeps helping and guiding us towards a better and happier life.

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