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Author: Sandra Bruna Thursday 8 February 2018

Last week I revealed scents play a big role in my life and are essential to it, this week I want to share with you that light is another fundamental and key element in my daily life. I love the lighting in the sky during winter, when days are short and the sky turns to this pinky almost purply shade. That warm summer light that penetrates my room or those golden evenings I spend behind the window looking through it in the warm summery weekends. A million lights join us every single day, inner and outer lights, and guide us, and, although it may be hard to believe, I think they have a direct effect in our mood. I’m not quite sure the color I’d pick for lighting if I had to just pick one, since every moment and every occasion deserves a different shade. I believe we should ask this same question to Marta Quintín, young author who is having her debut novel EL COLOR DE LA LUZ (THE COLOUR OF LIGHT), published by SUMA. Marta’s face perfectly reflects the light of illusion, since SUMA have designed an incredibly wonderful edition of this amazing novel, which we are sure has a lot of literary and commercial potential to make room amongst all the other great new titles this new term is presenting, and I would love you to give a chance to this warm yet fresh voice, which powerfully develops a passionate love story in which love and art are the leading characters, always in company of a mysterious colored eyes which will guide us through the path of the novel.

The plot of EL COLOR DE LA LUZ explores several locations and periods (Spain, the Civil War, Paris, New York…) and presents a passionate love story, an impossible love caused by insecurities, fears and the incapacity to admit that not to love might have been a mistake. Blanca Luz, a successful business woman with the life goal to build up an enormous fortune to collect art. In New York, in an auction of one of the most disturbing paintings by Martín Pendragón, this, now enigmatic eyes, old lady will have her dream fulfilled. In the same room there is a journalist who is watching her, being aware that that millionaire payment hides a secret and she will do anything to find it out. What she does not know is Blanca Luz will be one the to write her own story.

A novel full of nuances, frictions, secrets which reveals there is always a secret behind every work of art that cannot be hidden. A work of art full of chiaroscuro which will make it a must to read.

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