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The Christmas dream

Author: Sandra Bruna Thursday 13 December 2018


13th of December, Saint Lucy’s Day, the day that officially started the Christmas celebration, but this was before, because today everything starts earlier. I remember that the 13th of December started at the Christmas Market in the Cathedral, and together with my parents and brothers we went to buy a new tree and to have dinner outside, just a sandwich, but we were really thrilled because of what it meant. I loved sharing this tradition and the celebration with all the family, something I still enjoy, because even though things may change, the Christmas spirit lingers on forever. For this reason, I encourage you to keep opening the windows of our advent calendar, in which we offer the best gifts for these days: the books.


5th of December: HOTEL METROPOLE by Sebastià Bennassar

Sebastià Bennassar goes back to Lisbon, one of his favorite scenes, and brings us a contemporary novel about the role of the CIA and the spy women during the Cultural Cold War. Hotel Metropole was the most sold book at the Catalan Books Week in Mallorca (2018).


6th of December: OBAGA by Albert Villaró

We bring back a classic! Mystery, corruption and humour in this crime novel settled in the rural world.



7th of December: PATENT-LEATHER SCARS by Berta Pichel

A wonderful love story set in the dawn of the Spanish Civil War.


8th of December: THE WHISPERER by Malenka Ramos

Who doesn’t love a horror story? A truly different kind of horror! A book that was chosen to be presented at the Sitges Film Festival to study its screen adaptation.


9th of December: Bye Cinecittà by Julián Comas

For the cinema lovers, a historical fiction that memorates the most successful and great cinema events through a love story.


10th of December: PEQUEÑO CURSO DE MAGIA COTIDIANA by Anna Sólyom and Francesc Miralles

The everyday happiness can be found in our little rituals, which we are often not aware of. This book is an invitation to be happy with the little moments.

11th of December: WHAT HAPPENED WHEN YOU BROKE MY HEART by Rocio Carmona

A novel that will make you cry and laugh, a book that will teach you that a broken heart can beat again.



12th of DECEMBER: The Spring’s Epidemic by Empar Fernández

A perfect portrait of the World War and the epidemic worldwide known as the Spanish Flu in the 1918. An amazing story where passion and love seem to be the only answer and the only cure.

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