Author: Sandra Bruna Thursday 20 January 2022

This week the Blog is about the new publication of Sebastià Bennassar, The CHEETAHS’ SMILE, published in Catalan by the publishing house ALREVÉS, which has always been very secure of this line of the author.

It pains me not having the Spanish version because I think it is a very adequate novel with all the ingredients to work in the countries in which this genre is the king. That’s why I encourage even the editors from outside the country to read it in Catalan because they will not lose their time. Mafias, drugs, and violence in a novel that the readers asked after the success of THE EMPIRE OF THE LIONS.

January 2022. Catalunya in the middle of a cold wave, Pascal Neige must find out who has killed Michel Aubriot, one of the last survivors of the Lyonnaise mafia that his father run and now he does with her sisters and lover. At the same time, he must control that all of those who cultivate marijuana in the country pay their fee. Pascal is going to live a crazy week if he wants to keep the smile of the cheetahs.

After The land of twilight, Where the grass never grows and The empire of the lions (the later winner of the Valencia Negra prize as the best Catalan novel), Sebastià Bennasar comes back to the collection «» and offers a new story of the Neige family and its criminal gang. An addictive, violent, sexual novel that mixes with efficiency the brutality of the series like Gangs of London with the best literary tradition of the noir genre in our country.

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