Author: Bruno Thursday 2 March 2023

This Thursday I recommend a book for those between 10 and 12 years of age: BIBLIOTECA Z by Gabriel García de Oro, an author whom we know is very popular in this age group, with several titles already published and relaunched several times.

A story in which books are the protagonists is always appealing. Have you ever wondered if books suffer when you don’t finish reading them? Are you one of those people who often leave books half-read?

The truth is that I read a lot and across many genres; I must, because of my job, stop reading when something does not convince me. This is because, as an agent, I have to communicate it to the author and find, if possible, where the fault is. However, as a reader, I find it very difficult to leave a book half-finished, because I always think that reading any book can bring me something.

For this reason, Gabriel tries, through Jorge, a young boy who is going to spend the night at his grandparents’ house, to explain to us what happens to books that are not finished. His grandparents tell him an old family legend about a book long ago abandoned by an ancestor. Jorge is going on a nighttime field trip to the library with his school the next day, so his grandparents entrust him with the mission of looking for this book in the library. Together with his friends, he will go in search of the book, not knowing that it is a very dangerous object and that will put the lives of his classmates in grave danger.

I don’t want to give you more clues, but a book can only be dangerous for a good reason, so it would be best if you read it, and discovered it for yourself.

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