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Author: Sandra Bruna Saturday 27 February 2021

According to the Japanese, everyone has an ikigai, a reason to exist. Some people have found and are aware of it; others take it in, but they are still looking for it. This is one of the secrets for a long, young, and happy life such as the life of the inhabitants of Okinawa, the longest-lived Island in the world. This is the edition for young people, illustrated. Japan’s secrets for the young people to grow happily. It is a practical guide to discovering and developing one’s talent and vital proposition and finding the secret of happiness.

Stranger than love

Author: Sandra Bruna Monday 5 October 2020

Nemrod knows what it’s like to feel different, and not just because of his name. At school everyone ignores him or laughs at him. At home he spends his hours secluded in his room, a museum dedicated to his favorite series. When he finds out that a theme camp is organized in the summer, the Strange Camp, he will do everything possible to raise the money and live the adventures of his heroes. However, in the reproduction of Hawkins’ world, a much more important test awaits him than the fight against any monster.

– Can there be anything stranger than love? – asked Nemrod.

– Yes, there is something stranger than love -she said, half smiling-, but you may not be ready to find it yet.


Author: Bruno Friday 4 September 2020

Splendida lived happily ever after in her small house with her parents. Post war London wasn’t that fun to begin with, but when her parents went missing in an outer space mission, she had to endure living with her terrible aunt, who forced her to eat terrible vegetables while she got the good, juicy, meals. Her aunt would constantly threaten her with the great Giant of Vegetables. “He’ll come to get you if you don’t eat your greens!”, so when he came, Splendida was ready for adventure. Anywhere was better than that house.


Author: Bruno Tuesday 25 February 2020

During the weirdest summer of her life, Olimpia receives for her eighteenth birthday an old atlas full of footnotes on five ways to love that relate to each of the five continents:

The European Lover knows all about seduction and romance, but often builds relationships on a fantasy.

The American Lover experiences love as a success that must be shared with society, but it’s more effective as an outward show than in the close distance.

The African Lover is driven by closeness, the skin and passion, but lacks eagerness and jealousy.

The Asian Lover loves and cares in silence, from discretion and respect, but has trouble speaking the heart out.

The Oceanian Lover lets momentum take the lead and is unpredictable: might give you everything today and set off for an adventure tomorrow.

Encouraged by her best friend, Olimpia accepts the challenge of falling in love in every continent and find out where her heart belongs.


Author: Sandra Bruna Monday 6 May 2019

Mayra Broccoli is intelligent, curious and always inventing stories with which she astonishes her classmates. A strange illness forces her to stay in a hospital, but soon she will discover, with her friends from the Panceta Command, that this universe of corridors, rooms and basements hides an incredible secret.

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