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Author: Sandra Bruna Thursday 17 February 2022

Love, friends, astrology… and a lot of gossip!


Luna does not believe int the horoscope nor stars. On one hand because her mother is astrologer. On the other hand, because the universe seems to be going against her. She is Leo, a born leader according to the stars, but she does not have friends. Well, that is not exactly the truth, she has one, her neighbour Pol. One afternoon she fins a note under a bench. It is from someone who seems to be having problems and signs it with Pisces. Encouraged by Pol, and guided by an astrology from her mom, decides to write back to Pisces, but how can she pass the letter if she does not know who he is? Olivia, her oratory classmate, an idealistic Virgo, successful and helpful, decides to join the cause. Together they create Astrolove, some sort of sentimental consultancy about the horoscope that soon will become very popular in their high school.


Tell me your horoscope and I will tell you who to fall in love with.


Author: Sandra Bruna Thursday 27 January 2022

In the 1968, six girls from the working and peasant class live in a boarding school far from their homes. A boarding school which becomes an open window to the world and to the social and personal journey of every one of them. The staging one of William Shakespeare’s plays named The storm will do the rest.

The historical context (the post-war and the lasts years of the dictatorship, the may of 68, the murders in the United States of America of Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy, the Vietnam war…) will be more than a backdrop in the lives of the girls in the 305.

Six teenage girls live in the same room of a boarding school. They come from different villages of the country. It is 1968 and the world is changing. All of them come from poor families and each has left the village for different reasons, they are the first woman in their families that can study, and they know that their only chance at thrive is to use this opportunity. In the middle of the year, Angélica, their tutor, suggests staging a play: The tempest, of William Shakespeare. The character of the characters and their will melt int the interpretation. The environment in the female boarding school will mix with the social and political reality of the era: last years of the dictatorship, the French may of 68, the murders in the United States of America of Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy, the Vietnam war, the presence of soldiers in the air base, the presence of religion, the desire of freedom, the definition of the sexual identity and first loves.


Author: Sandra Bruna Thursday 27 January 2022

2058, a world full of robots and a girl who says she is normal.

«My name is Raquel Pris and I am…what can I say? A normal girl who lives in the year 2058. Of course, it is also true that it is weird for someone to say they are not normal. People even say that they are very very very special, but they do not go around saying that they are super-weird and super-different and super-cool. This would be… super-silly? So. Also, no. Normal things used to happen to me. The school, homework, my parents did not want a robot at home. Wait. Now this is important. I will explain it to you later…».


Author: Sandra Bruna Tuesday 7 September 2021

Shortly after losing her parents in a car accident, Enma Ambrose receives the visit of police inspector Vázquez, according to whom the death of the Ambrose was a murder. A letter from Mali seems to be the confirmation to this suspicion and Enma decides to travel to Sahel with the hope of finding out the truth and, maybe, reveal the mystery of her nature. Because Enma has a secret: some nights she disappears and when she wakes up, she doesn’t know what has happened nor where she has been.


Author: Sandra Bruna Tuesday 11 May 2021

The most anticipated end of the quantum trilogy most loved by readers and booksellers arrives

Niko accumulates problems in different worlds. Time has gone crazy on Earth and is running backwards. Quiona has been trapped in the Realm of Time and demands his help. To restore harmony into the multiverses, Niko and his friends must go through wormholes, teleport to unknown places, create pocket universes with modified universal constants, and defy endless laws of physics. Will our friends be victorious in this new quantum adventure?

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