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Autumn song

Author: Bruno Friday 12 January 2024

Camila is sixteen years old and the daughter of a well-known influencer. Her life is too exposed and she hates everything to do with social media. In fact, her world is falling apart. Óliver, the boy with the eternal smile who hides a past from which he cannot free himself, hates the digital world. His father has fallen in love with Camila’s mother and his new life does not appeal to him at all. Two stepbrothers, in principle very different, immersed in a world of appearances and social networks in which their concerns seem to have no place.

Will Camila and Oliver manage to find themselves and be happy?

El bazar de vidas

Author: Bruno Tuesday 7 November 2023

Julia considers herself a geek. She loves reading and fantasy movies. She also wears braces on her teeth, big glasses and a Doraemon digital watch. To make matters worse, her parents spend their lives working and still have no money for anything. On the other hand, her classmate Clara is rich and beautiful, the envy of the whole school.

One day, Julia discovers the existence of a bazaar of lives. What will happen if she decides to buy a new life and leave the one she has behind?

Johanna and Dr. Frankl

Author: Bruno Thursday 31 August 2023

In 1948, in the aftermath of the Second World War, Vienna is in ruins. Food is scarce and jobs are hard to find. Sixteen-year-old Johanna aspires to work as a waitress in a café; she has to support her mother, who has been depressed since her father died at the front. When she is fired, the world falls apart. However, that same day, a fortuitous encounter with a psychiatrist who suffered Nazi persecution and a young American who interviews her for an article will help her find the motivation to live.


Author: Bruno Saturday 13 May 2023

A mind-blowing AI adventure!


Jan is a lonely twelve-year-boy who loves mathematics. So he’s thrilled when he receives his acceptance letter to the exclusive summer course at Exya, the world’s leading Artificial Intelligence center! He will learn about great technological advances, and hopefully make some friends.

One night at Exya, Jan and Sofia, an intrepid 12-year-old programmer with a knack for getting in trouble, accidentally activate a secret experiment and they are teleported into the supercomputer… to the virtual world of AI! Together with two vectors, clueless Vec and brave Wav, they will go through the Faculty, a place where vectors are trained with data and algorithms to be part of the best applications. They will make great friends and better understand the great power of AI. But a sinister villain from the outside world is threatening to dominate the creatures that inhabit this wonderful virtual universe. And whoever controls AI will control the real world.

Will our friends be able to solve the dark mystery that AI hides? Will the balance between humans and machines be broken forever? Is mankind ready for Artificial Superintelligence?


Author: Bruno Monday 27 February 2023



Óscar tiene muy claro que le gustan los chicos, pero solo habla del tema con su ex. No se siente a gusto en clase, sobre todo despues de lo que ha pasado con su mejor amigo. Al día siguiente de ser expulsado del instituto, decide descargarse una aplicación para conocer gente.

Con David descubrirá una intimidad electrizante y un ambiente donde por fin podrá ser el mismo, pero su incapacidad para gestionar las emociones le jugará malas pasadas. Cuando parece que nada podría ir peor, se topa con una banda de ultras que lo marcarán para siempre.

“De la misma forma que si metes harina y levadura en el horno te sale pan, cuando mezclas maricones y neonazis en un callejón oscuro tienes paliza asegurada”.

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