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Author: Bruno Monday 13 March 2023

“An old factory on Carrer del Planeta, in the heart of Gràcia, houses a coworking space with a unique fauna: Uwe is the only son of a German industrialist who has given him “a year of grace” to live bohemian life before taking over the family business. Maurici never stops designing new and improbable businesses that are always “on the verge” of bringing him success. Vilma is a photographer with mysterious habits, such as sleeping inside the coworking space or disappearing on a secret beach. Gus is a digital nomad and works as an online course developer, accompanied by an army of Star Wars figures. Beatriz works as a psychologist and is the only one who has a “fishbowl” so that no one can hear her risky remote therapies. Frank is the most veteran of the coworking, but nobody knows for sure what he does there. Many days he seems to just observe. Alma has oriental features, but has lived her whole life in the neighborhood. She runs Limbo in the midst of a silence that hides more than one pain. Within the walls of the old warehouse arise crazy ideas and fleeting loves, impossible business and some enigmas that float over this office of dreams. A novel you will devour and will not be able to forget.”


Author: Bruno Tuesday 28 February 2023

Spain’s most recognized health journalist and publicizer tells us everything she knows about nutrition and health. Join the thousands of followers of the healthy revolution with the advice of Núria Coll.Healthy eating is not difficult, but sometimes we get lost between so much data and fashion diets. There is no need to learn every new nutritional study; it would probably be more helpful to stop and think a little. In this book of reflections and advice, the journalist specialising in healthy eating, Núria Coll, with ideas and thoughts based on common sense, proposes a clear objective: to awaken in the reader the ambition of having her own criterion so that it does not depend on what the gurus say you need to eat. This book will empower you to find your own way into your food.”When I started out in the publicity of healthy eating in 2014, I didn’t have much knowledge, but in a short time I realized that we urgently needed to avoid many of the pots and packages that fill our stores. In a matter of weeks I changed my eating habits radically, I started eating healthy food and I learned something crucial: the important thing was not just what to eat, but how.”


Author: Bruno Monday 27 February 2023

1951, in the midst of Francoism, was inaugurated “The City of the Boys”, an Learning Home in the Collserola Forest for orphaned and resourceless children. But what was sold as an exemplary institution, a replica of an innovative project, turned into hell for many of those who lived there. Grandpa Emilio between them. There it lost much more than innocence, and still suffers the consequences in secret today. At least until the day he hit his grandson. What kind of person is a child who, when he most needs love and attention from whom he should protect him, only receives screams, punishments and ill-treatment? This is a history of resilience; on the lights and shadows, own or otherwise, that set the limits on care in the first and third ages; on collective beliefs that confuse education with indoctrination or respect for authority; but, above all, it is a call to compassion: the last possible and most important form of love. Lifeguard for all.


Author: Bruno Thursday 23 February 2023

Gaspar Hernandez’s most personal book This is my most personal book. A narrative set that has the radio as its truss. In part, a radio memoir, from an early announcer: I started at the age of nine, when my father, an electrician, set up a home broadcaster. Thanks to the radio, I overcame my shyness. Since then, for more than forty years, I have spoken almost every day before the microphone. I wanted to pay tribute to the radio and the spoken voice, at a time when podcasts are once again playing a leading role. Maybe we’re looking in the voice for an authenticity that doesn’t have the image, or the telematic encounters. Perhaps the voice is the true mirror of the soul.


Author: Bruno Tuesday 7 February 2023

Shinto, Japan’s ancestral religion, also has numerous rites to attract money, love or fortune, and Buddhism or animistic religions from territories such as Okinawa or Hokkaid- or have their own rituals. How does each of them work and what deep history or meaning lies behind this belief? How can we summon good luck to our everyday habits? This book explores all the tools, some magical, other practices, mainly Japanese culture, to attract fortune and fulfill our wishes. In addition to learning the different rituals in an easy and motivating way, we will explore the essence of good luck and how we can incorporate it into our life with the appropriate habits and attitudes.

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