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Author: Bruno Thursday 6 October 2022

A vivid, moving, courageous and hopeful account of the greatest of all evils: the abuse of a child.

This is the most luminous, shocking and real book that anyone can write. After a childhood marked by sexual abuse, years of constant bullying at school and a hypersensitivity that on more than a few occasions led him to the brink of suicide, Alejandro Palomas lines in these pages a serious and electrifying story with which he flies over childhood memories, the unparalleled relationship with his mother, the shadow of a father who finally disappeared and the power of imagination and writing as the last lifeline. This is the most sincere testimony of a man who bet on life and who achieved it thanks to his passion for inventing and sharing worlds, always with humour and humour, and who now transforms his life into the best of stories.

Literature allowed him to create imaginary universes better than the life that surrounded him and over the years these fictions have helped him to find the words to show the whole truth.


Author: Bruno Thursday 6 October 2022

Small steps to transform your life

The popular saying states that the habit does not make the monk, but it is our habits and customs that shape the person we are.

Sonia Rico’s book offers a new way of looking at and going through one’s own life. The author, who is a yoga teacher, therapist and experienced coach, teaches us, through various resources, that we have all the conditions to be happy. We just have to train ourselves with small steps that we can take every day. A new philosophy for us to live being present and appreciate the rhythm and beauty of life.

Buddha was not a God, nor a magical being. He simply developed powerful habits that helped him to take care of his body, his mind and his relationship with the world. Many of his teachings were passed down to Buddhist monks to be practiced daily. Best of all, you too can incorporate them into your life, so don’t wait any longer… and get into the habit!


Author: Bruno Thursday 6 October 2022

There are times in life when we only want to give up. We feel exhausted, dissatisfied with our reality, demotivated by the environment. We drown in a glass of water. We do not see the solution to our unease even if it is right in fornt of us.

At The height of happiness he wants to help you break these barriers. Ferran Cases, author of Happy People’s Brain, has written an inspiring, simple and exquisite track that gives you the keys to understand what happens to you and how to live in serenity, to connect to your vital purpose and to achieve happiness. Following the experience of the protagonist and the knowledge provided by his companions, you will discover how anxiety works, methods of breathing and meditation, physical relaxation techniques and many other resources necessary to enjoy a serene life.

An inspiring story that will lead you to discover the best place in the world: yourself.

By the author of Happy People’s Brain.


Author: Bruno Thursday 6 October 2022

The novel about the 98 happiest and most unknown days of Federico García Lorca’s life in Golden Cuba in 1930.

Federico García Lorca’s 98 happiest and most unknown days in the Golden Cuba of 1930. But it took more than three months until the Andalusian poet decided to return to Spain, drunk from Caribbean music and beauty, soneros and santeros, terraces and palm trees, white rum, black sensuality and nights of Malecón.

What did the poet do in “the happiest days of my life”, as he defined his Cuban days? How did Cuba stain Federico’s work, person and fate? “If I lose myself — he warned his parents by letter — search for me in Cuba.” And he lost. To find himself? This novel explains it.


Author: Bruno Thursday 22 September 2022

Astrology is your best ally to discover the unconscious fears that block your relationships and get the love you deserve.

Identify your lunar patterns, heal them and open the doors to good love.

Have you ever wondered why some people find a partner right away and others don’t even manage to find one? Some people attribute it to bad luck, but the reality is that many of us are burdened with unconscious fears that block us and make us repeat patterns ad nauseam and always run into the same type of people.

In astrology, the position of the moon in our natal chart helps us to understand how we relate, reveals the childhood wounds we carry and how we lived our first love: that of our mother (or equivalent person), a model that we will repeat in all our relationships.

There are twelve possible lunar patterns, twelve unconscious fears that define how we relate to each other. To become aware of them, and also of the planets with which they interact, is essential to change them, if it is convenient for us, and to access good relationships, in which no one heals anyone, but both members of the couple form a team.

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