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Author: Bruno Thursday 9 March 2023

Jack is an eleven-year-old boy who lives with his father in what’s left of the old River Zoo, a small town that owes its best years to the adventures of Archibald Trotterworld. Jack’s mother died when he was born so he has always been alone with his father. Alone? No, not alone, surrounded by the remaining animals at the zoo.
One day, Jack realizes he can understand the toothless Lion. “Sure I can talk to you,” the Lion tells him. He’s been listening to humans all his life, sooner or later he was going to learn the language, wasn’t he. But the old town of River is no longer – not nearly – what it had been. Old Archibald had died and in his place had come a rich and ruthless man, Brick Mattone, who has no interest in preserving Archibald’s legacy.


Author: Bruno Monday 23 January 2023

Books suffer when not read.

Jorge spends the night at the home of his grandparents, who will tell him an old legend related to his family and a book that was never read.

His grandfather entrusts him with the mission of searching for this specimen in the library he is going to hike with his class the next day. Along with a group of friends, he will go to the search for the book, unaware that it is a very dangerous object and that it will put the lives of his companions in grave danger.


Author: Bruno Thursday 15 December 2022

A novel that will be like a laughing epidemic.

For days, an epidemic of bursades in the ass frightened not only Santa Frumencia College, but the entire neighborhood. The case would not have been so serious and so complicated if Lixin had not been so discreet and polite. Or if Rita hadn’t been so timid. Or if Petunia hadn’t been so fachenda. Or if Ton wasn’t that beast…

Lucky that Ivet and his friends did not lose their ass and set out to find out the truth of the mysterious and terrible case of the abhorrent Pinchaculos.

A wave of bursades in her ass and a group of friends willing to stop her.


Author: Bruno Monday 7 November 2022

Nel is a small cloud born in mid-April. He will soon discover that plants, trees, rivers and humans need the water that Nel and the other clouds have stored in the belly. Soon Nel will go to school to learn how to rain, where he will be friends with the shaf, and he will also live adventures in the immensity of heaven, where he will meet Bela, a special cloud with whom he will share adventures around the world.


Author: Sandra Bruna Friday 28 January 2022

That my grandmother was a witch was a thing that my father used to tell us every time she was brought in any conversation. I always thought he said it in a figurative speech, that he said the word “witch” when he wanted to say “evil” or “cruel” and things like that, and that is what he thought about her mother-in-law. Probably he never suspected that my grandmother was a real witch, of those who know what will happened, of those who change people’s lives direction, of those who can move objects from place to place with their mind. I did not suspect it either until that summer when strange things started to happened.


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