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Author: Sandra Bruna Thursday 31 March 2022

Passionate journey through the history of literature through its main works, authors and characters.


From the appearance of the first texts to our times, countless literary works have been written. This book brings together many of those that must live on in our memory, that were created by brilliant authors, that have become legendary sagas, that were unjustly banned or that have been transformed into unforgettable films. It also opens the doors to the fascinating world around the book: from the first alphabets to the process of creating a work or the description of the most famous libraries and bookstores in the world.


Author: Sandra Bruna Friday 28 January 2022

That my grandmother was a witch was a thing that my father used to tell us every time she was brought in any conversation. I always thought he said it in a figurative speech, that he said the word “witch” when he wanted to say “evil” or “cruel” and things like that, and that is what he thought about her mother-in-law. Probably he never suspected that my grandmother was a real witch, of those who know what will happened, of those who change people’s lives direction, of those who can move objects from place to place with their mind. I did not suspect it either until that summer when strange things started to happened.



Author: Sandra Bruna Friday 28 January 2022

Gea and Yuki are neighbours. Yuki adores looking into the sky with her telescope and counting the freckles on Gea’s face. When Gea turns seven she swallows a cherry bone; what could have been a little incident will have unexpected consequences.

A moving story full of magic about a sincere and kind friendship where nature plays an especial role. An album with multiples interpretations thanks to the poetic force of the text and illustrations.


Author: Sandra Bruna Wednesday 24 November 2021


Something is wrong with the world if the Three Wise Men nights is celebrated in August…

Epi and Fani are two brothers that live in a little village called Nowhere. They are very worried about the climate change, but the rest of their neighbours do not care. They do no care at all. Who does not like to eat appetizer in the sun in the middle of February? The temperature is rising? It is better that way; it is easier going in the water. Everything is an advantage!

One day they receive a letter from their Majesties The Three Wise Men where they announce that because of the climate change, this year they will come in August. NO ONE DOUBTS IT! The climate change is awesome. They will not have to wait until the 5th of January!

From this moment, the village will prepare to celebrate The Three Wise Men nights in the summer. And it will be a disaster. How to build a snowman without snow? Who wants to eat nougat while a drop of sweat is dripping down their face? And The Three Wise Men? Will they have to do the parade in shorts and Hawaiian shirts? How will this delirious, crazy and a little bit loutish story end?

A book for first readers with lots of laughs and crazy situations where they will discover that taking care of the planet depends on all of us.


Author: Sandra Bruna Tuesday 2 November 2021

An illustrated album about the power of words.

That day started bad, continued worse and ended terribly. She had so much rage that when she got home little Sofia let a wild, black and terrible word slip… The word grew and grew out of control. It destroyed drawings, ruined birthdays, and hurt a lot of friends. How can this situation be stopped?

An endearing story about the power of words, ideal for learning how even wild words can be tamed with calm and measured words.

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