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Author: Sandra Bruna Thursday 21 June 2018

I have to admit that the tickling you get when watching a horror film, just when you know something is about to happen that will force you to scream, is that little something that keeps you hooked to the screen. The same happens with a book, although it is somehow more difficult to create that atmosphere that images can give you, unless the writer is a master in the subject. Well, I am proud to say that Malenka Ramos is such a master. She proved it with her LO QUE HABITA DENTRO, which gave her the distinction of being the Spanish Stephen King, and now, with EL QUE SUSURRA she manages to have the reader under an avalanche of thrills from beginning to end. I assure you there were moments where I preferred reading the novel accompanied because I was too afraid to do so by myself as the tiniest noise startled me. I got into this novel like I have seldom experienced. Those who love this genre are going to love this, as long as they have a pillow nearby to make hold of it.

A little town, Point Spirit, with a sawmill, is going to experience a series of changes that will forever change their lives. A death at three o clock in the morning, an old hall clock that stops at that precise time at the Morelli sisters’ house. The night turns darker and Mrs Owens heard a knock on her door. The sheriff was looking at a light by the sawmill, he could not manage to sleep that night. And in a recently rented cabin, Jim Allen, the writer, slept like a baby, and that’s why he didn’t see the shadowy figure that went by his window. Penny had died precisely at three o’clock in the morning, when it all started.

I can’t tell you anything because I would spoil a great deal of the book, but you can deny that this tiny summary draws your attention into the novel. An addictive read for the summer that I am sure will have you holding your breath and eager to know more about this asturian writer that deserves a chance to grow bigger and expand her talents. There aren’t many women writers that focus on this genre in our country, and I think they deserve all our support, because it is not easy to make it in a generally masculine field. So, female readers and female publishers of the world, let’s come together and give the chance to a female writer who masters a thrill like nobody else and who will reach an immense audience if we push for her, starting now.


Author: Sandra Bruna Thursday 25 January 2018

Being an agent is always trouble, I am not going to lie. Being in between two sides is not an easy work, and if you add to this we are in the business world, it gets even worse. The journey of my life lead me to this profession without even realizing. A profession in which you can only learn by doing, a profession in which, I think, you can never learn everything about it since there is always something left to surprise you. We are always compared with art traders and footballer representatives, which may have trouble too, and in that sense I don’t envy them at all, although for other things I definitely do, for sure. And it is in Miquel Esteve’s new novel NO DEIXIS MAI DE MIRAR AL CEL published by Columna were we are introduced to dating agencies, a business which seemed to lose fame with social media but, which actually, it is in its top days.

Some may think agents may be obsolete because of technology and how fast it keeps evolving, but having by your side someone who is not a machine, someone who vibrates, someone who has feelings, pays attention, holds your hand and shares happy moments, sad moments, successes and defeats, is something technology is not able to provide, at least for now. And this is why I have loved this perfect thriller, original and very ambitious written by an author who masters language, proved in his previous novels, and now who has chosen dating agencies as the background to thrill us. A novel with rhythm, with a corpse, Inma Esparza’s corpse, who has been found dead on a bank with a note ‘’keep an eye on the sky’’ and a wedding agency card in her purse: Nirvana. A novel with an inspector: Adolfo, who, with Ester’s help, justice lawyer, are determined to solve the mystery behind Inma’s death.

The truth is that I don’t want to spoil anything about this novel that the Publisher and I have absolutely loved because of it being such an unconventional thriller. It’s got all the ingredients of a thriller, ingredients that the author has masterfully combined with some more giving the book a fresher and different tone which creates a new subgenre in thriller.  We still don’t know how to name this new style, a style which is able to capture thriller lovers and many others, that’s is why I am so confident this book will succeed. Do you want to know who Inma Esparza’s murderer is? Do you want to know which are human weak points we all have and no one admits? This is THE novel for those who love mystery but need more. Ideal to write on you Sant Jordi’s wish list.


Author: Sandra Bruna Thursday 20 July 2017

Who hasn’t felt fear at some point? Fear is an emotion, and we can feel it due to many things. I’ve always thought that fear is something negative, but there are experts that say that it isn’t, that fear is a basic and primary emotion, because it is found in every culture. However, it’s an unpleasant one, because it makes us feel bad, although there are many people who enjoy being scared, may it be watching a movie, going up on the highest attractions or taking up challenges that scare you to death before doing them.

I have to be honest, and the new novel by Malenka Ramos, who’s switched genres completely, puts you on edge. I’ve been scared while reading it and it has surprised me in such a good way that I believe people addicted to thriller novels can’t miss out on this new novel that has been published with the title LO QUE HABITA DENTRO, in Plan B. I’ve loved the punching line used to sell the book: EITHER YOU DEAL WITH THE MONSTER, OR THE MONSTER DEALS WITH YOU.


October 1987, San Petri (Bay of the Death).

At Witches’ night, a group of kids enter the old house Camelle, an abandoned place full of terrible legends. But the house holds a dark secret and a well from which it hangs a light bulb that shouldn’t have been working.

One, two and three, I’ll catch you…

Nights become a constant fight in order to survive the visions, the scratches in the wardrobe, the sounds under the bed. Two of the kids go missing and something is chasing them.

I’ve got stones, Enma… Many stones…

All of these kids are now grown-ups, but they’ve never got rid of their visions and the terrible events they lived when they were so young.

The house Camelle is under construction and someone has opened the well…

The messages and the visions of the ghostly kids chase them more strongly than ever.

He’s back… Bunny, the cruel…

And the booktrailer:

I believe there aren’t positive nor negative emotions (this is what practical guides usually say). It’s always good to feel any kind of emotion, because they are useful, and we should feel our emotions with freedom, instead of repressing them or trying to control them. The problem with emotions starts when they limit us to do what we want to do, and I assure you that fear paralyzes us. Malenka has done it so well with this novel, that as much as you shake with fear while reading it, you’ll want to keep on doing it, hooked to its pages and to a pillow that you can hug at night. Don’t let fear paralyze you, ever, nor while reading, nor while living. So, for the curious ones, and for any lover addicted to that satisfying fear, don’t miss out on one of the newest thriller authors, who is here to stay.


Author: Sandra Bruna Thursday 9 February 2017

I’ve said many times in this blog that truth is stranger than fiction, and it’s true, because unfortunately, last Friday I heard the news that a father had taken his little kid in his arms -I’m not sure, but I believe he was just one year old- and he threw himself with the kid through the window, after telling his wife: I’ll hit you where it hurts the most. I couldn’t believe it. I think the world is going crazier each day, and if we don’t take a moment to stop a little bit in our lives, we might end up just like that. It’s impossible that someone who does something like this is in their right mind. To me, they’re sick, even though I can’t help but think that such an act has no place for forgiveness, and it leaves me speechless that there are people capable of doing something like this to hurt another person. So after this terrible event, that happened here in Spain last week, the gruesome plot for the following novel falls short in comparison, although I haven’t been able to stop reading it from the first to the last page.

LA ESCRITORA, by Carmen Conde, tells how 27-year-old Lucrecia Vázquez, raised in foster homes and who suffers a disorder called Gilles de la Tourette, is offered to be a ghost writer. Behind those awkward tics, Lucrecia hides a brilliant intelligence and a talented but difficult character. The proposition of becoming a ghost writer (a trendy topic) by Danna Green, a bestselling writer going through a creative crisis, appeals to her, but she can’t imagine how this ‘job’ is going to complicate her life.

Publishers request her a blood curdling plot, scabrous, a thriller that hooks the reader in, a bestselling novel that has everything in it, but what Lucrecia can’t imagine is that her first meeting with the writer is going to be one of the most horrifying scenes she could never have written: Green has been murdered in a terrifying, horrible way. And she’s the one who finds her body. Turned suddenly into a suspect, Lucrecia must prove that the killer has nothing to do with her…Or perhaps it does?

This is the second novel by Carmen Conde, who is receiving amazing critics and reviews and that after her first novel, PARA MORIR SIEMPRE HAY TIEMPO, winner of the La Trama Noir Novel Award, is reaffirmed as one of the writers who is going to give us a lot to talk about. I’m sure that she already has tons of addicted fans, those who can’t stop reading novels that are great for not letting you sleep. Don’t miss the chance to give it as a present this Valentine’s Day because, even though it’s not a romantic book, it’s a very precious gift for any thriller lover out there that spends their weekend reading wonderful books on the sofa, while biting their nails at each page.

Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf?

Author: Sandra Bruna Thursday 7 May 2015

sin retornoI don’t like horror movies, but I like thrillers, that kind of movies that get you a bit nervous. When you are watching them, a part of you is saying “close your eyes!” but an energy that you don’t know where is coming from keeps your eyes open and enjoying spending distress. How difficult it is to manage emotions!

 It’s odd that so many people enjoy fear, or distress, and that we love watching a thriller movie, or reading a book, climbing to the highest attraction or jumping with a parachute. We enjoy discovering our limits, although I must confess that since I’m getting older I have become more fearful. Adventure and risk aren’t my thing, I have always been cautious, in spite of it my day-to-day is close to an Indiana Jones movie, where every day brings a different problem to fight, and an emotion to contend with. Maybe I’m more adventurous than I thought, because there is no need of a duel in the jungle to get adrenaline to the limit. Fortunately, it is often to reach a successful conclusion, but the road is not easy. However, who’s afraid of the big bad wolf? (more…)

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