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Author: Sandra Bruna Thursday 8 December 2016

This long weekend I am visiting a friend in Punta Cana, and what draws my attention is that being in a resort you see many prototypes of people, but almost all foreigners who come to the pool and to dance, read. This makes me immensely happy, because part of their entertainment and enjoyment includes reading. They always find the time to read. Because, as we all know, the excuse of “I like it but I do not have time for it” is not true. Everything is a question of priorities, even in a paradisiac place like this where you can be lying all day and people serving you, or going on a hike and come back to the hotel extremely tired. The reading moment must be looked for, but who wants to have it, can have it. And it’s basic that if you believe that books are important to life, which I firmly believe, to set an example with practice, because it helps to those around you to look at books.

Many parents want their children to read, but they never open a book, so it is clear that it is difficult for them to like reading, unless they are already passionate about them naturally, which can happen, and it happens, but less often than we would like. So let’s try to find the best time to share it with a good book, I’m sure few could regret this modest advice, and, instead, they could start to like something beautiful and useful at the same time.


So today I leave for you all those who have children nearby, a collage of children’s books so that the Three Wise Men or Santa Claus can begin to help promote the habit of reading:

Los detectives Ho. El desastre Ja (Edebé) by Care Santos, the third delivery of the Olmedo brothers. Between the three of them they try to solve small challenges of daily life. The first two books are El misterio Cro and El caso Hu.

–  El club de los caníbales muerde a Drácula by Gabriel García Oro (Anaya). Previously, the cannibals fled don Quijote.

–  Laura SuperChef. El mejor bocadillo del mundo, by Care Santos. Second adventure of Laura, who will face a great contest. Laura SuperChef. Cocholate was the first title, edited by Ediciones Bruño.

–  Also, you can choose one of the books starring Òscar and Nora (Se vende mamá, Se vende papá, Se vende Garbanzo and Se vende mejor amigo, edited by Ediciones SM). Its success has crossed borders and has reached Portugal, Italy and Korea among other countries.

To give a book is to give life, imagination and the entrance to different worlds where to get lost and find oneself to arrive to the real world with something more, always with something more. Therefore, gifts that offer something are the star gifts. Let us not forget about them.


Author: Sandra Bruna Thursday 28 July 2016


Sandra Bruna Literary Agency’s team wishes you happy holidays! We hope that this summer days will help you to relax and recover energy. Make the most of your time and take many pictures, but most importantly: be happy.

Always remember: reading a book is the best way to travel and to open your mind. So we hope you have a wonderful summer full of stories and unforgettable characters.

See you back on September, at our usual office hours and with full batteries. You can check our recommendations and our catalogs on our website.

Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf?

Author: Sandra Bruna Thursday 7 May 2015

sin retornoI don’t like horror movies, but I like thrillers, that kind of movies that get you a bit nervous. When you are watching them, a part of you is saying “close your eyes!” but an energy that you don’t know where is coming from keeps your eyes open and enjoying spending distress. How difficult it is to manage emotions!

 It’s odd that so many people enjoy fear, or distress, and that we love watching a thriller movie, or reading a book, climbing to the highest attraction or jumping with a parachute. We enjoy discovering our limits, although I must confess that since I’m getting older I have become more fearful. Adventure and risk aren’t my thing, I have always been cautious, in spite of it my day-to-day is close to an Indiana Jones movie, where every day brings a different problem to fight, and an emotion to contend with. Maybe I’m more adventurous than I thought, because there is no need of a duel in the jungle to get adrenaline to the limit. Fortunately, it is often to reach a successful conclusion, but the road is not easy. However, who’s afraid of the big bad wolf? (more…)

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