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Author: Sandra Bruna Thursday 14 July 2016

It’s not the first time that I recommend this book, and it won’t be the last, neither. AMOR EN MINÚSCULA is, for me, a very special book, a novel full of inspirational sentences that leave in me an indelible mark. It happens to be, also, a book translated into 23 languages, and Penguin Random House has just relaunched.


The first person that actually betted on this book was a great editor, Marisa Tonezzer, who saw the magic of this novel and brought it to light. She is one of the great persons and professionals in this little publishing world and I admire her since I met her, working in Atlántida. She also is, as well as a great worker and professional, a good friend. It is true that, in Spain, this book has not be very successful, unfortunately, but these things happen more than we, the professionals of this field, would like. However, AMOR EN MINÚSCULA, has been a bestseller in Germany and other countries that pushed for the novel.

During the past month of February, the book was launched in the United States of America and in June, with a very special editor for me too, Pablo Alvarez, who has always helped me and with whom I’ve always done great projects, we have also relaunched it in Spain. This relaunch, this second opportunity would deserve the best reward we can ask for concerning a good novel. And that would be that you, readers, would recommend this book yourselves, because those who have read it have also be captured by MISHIMA and SAMUEL, from which they have learned a lot, such as the pleasure of simple things give us is what really fills us. Of course that doesn’t mean, no matter what they can say, that life is easy or simple, but we have to live it. This is an urban novel appreciated by all its readers, so do not hesitate anymore: go and find that great hidden treasure.

Francesc Miralles, author of this novel, is recognized and admired by the professionals of this industry and also by his many followers and fans, but he is still the same person I met over 12 years ago. Behind his simplicity, he hides expertise, and very few persons can do that, when they have both.  You can now see that it is a story with history, inside the book and outside, so I invite you to help and make it bigger. Perfect novel for the summer and those who want to take advantage of the holidays break and make this reading help them grow.

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