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Author: Sandra Bruna Thursday 31 May 2018

It’s the last day of the month and we are thrown into June, with a rather shaky spring in many aspects, and not just weather-wise. Also looking forward to summer and having that well-needed break. With every passing year I notice the need to calm down and relax, with my people by my side, go away from the noise, routines and the menacing clock. I think this clearly means that I am getting old and I honestly never thought that it would come to a point where I would need to click on the “Stop” button. However, it has come to that, and since life keeps surprising me, I really need to take things in a different way and know how to put things in the right place. Nothing is black and white, there are always lots of nuances.

Just like in Susana Rodríguez’s latest novel, TE VERÉ ESTA NOCHE, which puts the noir trilogy (published by Debolsillo) to an end. In it, Irene Ochoa, the main character, and her love interest, inspector Vázquez, investigate the death, under weird circumstances, of her husband. We know more about her and him in every novel, although the entries in the trilogy can be read independently, because the crimes and cases that the inspector and his team must solve are different in each book. In this last installment we have the disappearance of an entire family after a car crash, in which only the mother is found. We have no idea where the rest are and this is what will drive the investigation team. Moreover, inspector Vázquez will learn things he would have hoped to never know, an unexpected surprise, maybe shut out by his deepest desires, to mark the end of this magnificent trilogy that has sold more than 10.000 copies between the first two books. The third, just published, has already been reprinted because Susana already has a well-deserved fan base, and because she is a formidable writer in the genre, and can still be discovered by many.

Her stories grab you from beginning to end in a way it’s impossible to express. Like a magnetic force dragging you into the story that will only leave you wanting for more. A great reading experience for the summer is knocking at our door, and I can assure that you won’t have enough with just one.


Author: Sandra Bruna Thursday 12 May 2016

Longing is an emotion, a feeling, which I’m sure we’ve all felt sometime. In my case it mixes with the nostalgia of the things I no longer have, and especially of past times, where my memories are of feeling good, of complete happiness. I miss the summers with my grandparents, who are no longer here, the meals with family when everyone showed up and the table was filled with food mixed with hope. The Friday dinners, and the weekends, with my siblings and my parents when we ate the pizza slices from a little shop at Roger de Flor Street, and it was our weekly feast, while we watched the show Un, Dos, Tres together.

All these nostalgic memories, and many more which I could talk about until you got bored, but if I continue, I might get emotional; they have been awoken after reading a novel like EL TIEMPO DE LA LUZ, by Silvia Tarragó, published by Umbriel in Spanish and by Columna in Catalán.


Silvia Tarragó, the author, is able to transport us to 1940, the inauguration of the first subterranean galleries in Europe, the luxurious Avenida de la Luz, in the Barcelona of the postwar. Julia is the main character and she will be witness to the evolution of the gallery and the different traders that make it up. Rosita, the daughter of the bakers, who lived her first love with the attendant at the cinema inside the galleries.  A strange lady who will open a typewriter store (remember the Olivettis?), a perfume seller who’s involved with men in the regime, and a railway worker who’s a poet. We’ll see how these characters’ stories grow and intertwine; building an underworld filled with passion and hatred, but that keeps changing, decade after decade, feeling the exciting beat of Barcelona of the postwar, until the end of the eighties. A coral novel, where Barcelona is the background curtain again, but in which human relationships and love, are the main core to explain a period of new beginnings, and the spirit of the traders after a tough war. Another novel for all those who like to taste their memories and share them, which you can read quickly and leaves you wanting more.

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