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Author: Sandra Bruna Thursday 23 November 2017

Pirate stories tend to be successful. Pirates are survivors, not always mean, but naughty, free and easy, and challenging. The first pirate I ever met was, probably, Captain Hook, but later on with the premiere of The Goonies, who were also looking for a hidden pirate treasure to escape. Or Mar i Cel, the musical, written by Àngel Guimerà and adapted by Dagoll Dagom, which made me change my mind about the characters. Saïd fought for justice, he didn’t want to harm anybody, but for Christians he had no mercy, there was no difference, they were all judged the same. We do still have to learn to avoid prejudices and to be more flexible in different situations we encounter. Pirates are a great example because of their surviving skills, which doesn’t imply they are mean, there are all sorts of them, as in every situation. I take their easy an cheerful personality as the positive side, and especially after Jack Sparrow’s films. Who wouldn’t want a pirate like him in their lives?

Gabriel Garcia de Oro and Purificación Hernández have published their 3rd book of the series EL CLUB DE LOS CANÍBALES, for kids from 6 to 10 years old, and this time EL CLUB DE LOS CANÍBALES SE TRAGA LA ISLA DEL TESORO, a classical pirate story of which many adaptations have been made. Through this series you will learn the essential there is to know of each and every one of the books classified as the ones we all should read. What is more, you will thoroughly enjoy with the club characters which have already introduced us other characters as DON QUIJOTE and DRACULA. Book collection for our kids, where, by having fun, they will learn something new of the great personalities and the great titles of our history. Highly recommended as Christmas gift. Gabriel and Puri make an amazing combo, and add humour to their books so that kids enjoy themselves while reading, pirates for fun, with that mischievous touch we enjoy so much. Congratulations guys! Let’s make some more.

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