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Author: Sandra Bruna Thursday 22 June 2017

Today is the first day of holidays for the kids. Summer is here. I’ve got such good memories of my childhood summers: together with my siblings, on the beach and on the mountain with my parents and grandparents. We’ve always been a family that has enjoyed doing things together, and as I’ve got unique grandpas and grandmas who have always wanted to spend these times with us, I remember fondly the first two weeks of August in Sant Pol. I still go on holidays there, and I remember eating altogether in a large table from one of those hotels of this fantastic Maresme’s town. We shared the beach, meals, and a terrace in front of the sea, where we spoke, despite being teenagers, with all the grown-ups at the table. We lived fantastic and unique moments, unforgettable to me. When I’m there and I breath the smell of the sea, these fond and happy memories come to me. I’ve got plenty of them, and I keep them safe in my mind.

In the summer, we always went to the cinema or to the Tibidabo’s amusement park. If we went with our grandparents, we had to go by tram and the adventure was even greater. Even though I’ve never liked fairground rides, I must confess that Tibidabo was a nice park with charisma. When I read the latest novel by Sílvia Tarragó, T’HO DONARÉ TOT, published by Columna, I had these small moments of longing, and I also immersed myself in a story I didn’t know anything about -and I’ve loved learning about it. Who invested in this park? How did everything start? We’ve got the history of Tibidabo and its characters: two of the daughters of one of the workers from its urbanization in the first decades of the 20th century. On the background, there is a cosmopolitan and precocious Barcelona and, at the top of the cake, a story filled with love, intrigue and drama.

This is the perfect novel for this summer, for those who want to be addicted to a novel where it’s told the history of one of the oldest amusement parks of the world (not only of Spain or Europe!), along with a great family fiction that will hook you from the first page. For any reader of SUEÑOS A MEDIDA and HABITACIONES CERRADAS, you should read Sílvia Tarragó if you haven’t discovered her yet. Hers is a strong feminine voice that steps on the gas pedal of the bumper car in order to get to a wider audience. They’re captivated by how well she combines history and fiction. Don’t miss it!

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