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Author: Sandra Bruna Thursday 18 January 2018

How many times have I referred to friendship in this blog? The truth is that it is impossible not to since many novels I like to recommend are based on the topic of friendship. For me it’s enormously important, it’s always been, hence why I’ve had so many disappointing experiences, because I have such big expectations out of friendship that I always wanted it to be the same for everyone, unfortunately it is not so. Everyone has different ideas of friendship, and no, there is no way you can ask anyone to share your same idea. For me, a friend is a treasure, someone who is by your side when things go right and when things go wrong, someone whom you can talk to about anything and everything, someone who listens you and someone with whom silences can be shared.

Life has taught me that there are few true friends, real true friends, and that we have to ‘make an effort’ to keep them by our side. We live surrendered by people who make us laugh, make us have fun and collect good memories, but true friends, real friends, there are less than a few, at least in my life. One of my biggest joys is to have back a friend I lost on the way because of a misunderstanding I’ve not been able to understand yet, but I’m sure I was mistaken, thankfully that person is back in my life and is here to stay. That is my long life friendship. The truth is I’ve made some great new friendships lately, many have to do with sport, and this friendships make me happy and I hope they stay by my side for a long time. I hope we can make it until forever, this is one of my goals.

And for now, one of these big friendships I’m glad to have by my side is Sílvia Tarragona, author of the book I’m so pleased to introduce you TAL COMO ÉRAMOS/TAL COM ÉREM (The Way We Were). She asked for support and I was committed to help her. We spend many afternoons having a coffee, catching up and building this novel, which she’s written. A novel which is an ode on friendship and on human relationships, and on family too, those who are always by our side. It is the pursuit of a perfect life, which, Sandra, the main character, comes up to realize does not exist. But through the journey she discovers and learns how important it is to choose correctly the people you have by your side when overcoming difficulties and sharing happy moments. Sandra narrates the power of human relationships, the fight against any adversity, falling in love with the wrong person, and the pleasure of having people who are loving and caring, and who will be with her through thick and thin, to go on with life. Life goes on, and so do we, and may be TAL COMO ÉRAMOS/TAL COM ÉREM is a great example of personal overcoming in which my great friend Sílvia has been working so hard to astonish the reader, to make us dive deep into ourselves and to make the readers wonder and have a great time while reading it. Congratulations my dear Sílvia, you have definitely passed the test.

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