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Author: Sandra Bruna Thursday 1 March 2018

Discovering new talent would be one of the main duties of a literary agent. However, it keeps getting harder and harder since our daily tasks have turned towards a very bureaucratic job which requires plenty of hours and lots of work. This makes having spare time to read what we should read – since what we would like to read, we can’t actually read it- almost impossible, so those new voices which should be listened and deserve to be peacefully read, I just cannot seem to find the right moment to ‘listen’ to them. Those are the voices and letters that keep getting delayed for “later”, and I’m very sure we’ve lost many authors along the way. Authors who really deserved more than a chance. But, we didn’t let Berta Pichel get away with her title CICATRICES DE CHAROL, when she introduced it, we absolutely loved it and we could not stop reading it, and not falling in love with the novel was completely impossible. The title has just been published by Ediciones B.

A novel about love but also about personal overcoming, especially hard during the Spanish Civil in El Bierzo, where the novel is set. I know it might look like another historical novel, but it is not, since the female character, Nia, has the magistral power that makes you become an addict to her, to everything in her. In addition to that, the novel takes place in an unknown yet beautiful part of Spain, which she subtly decorates, giving place to an amazing novel, one of those titles the public does enjoy reading, and one of those we are completely sure will not disappoint anyone. A new voice, a voice which debuts with a novel that deserves a chance because it is the perfect mixture of commercial novel, framed in a historical setting but in which love and personal overcoming make of it something more.. More than a novel, not just collecting many different feelings the reader will completely feel identified with, but leaving them with the best feeling as reading the last page.

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