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Author: Sandra Bruna Thursday 5 May 2016

There are moments when you would like to be able to say STOP, to pause time, because everything is happening too fast and, lately, I feel like I can’t enjoy anything. The weeks fly by, they’re intense, luckily I like my job and it completes me, I love my family and my friends, but I would like to have more time to be with them. This feeling of time slipping from my hands, of making a list every day, a long one, of things I should do, and getting less than half done, gives me a feeling of unease that I don’t know how to handle sometimes, and I’m lucky to have been able to read a novel that, without meaning to, gave me harmony and peace.


Reading ALOHA, UN VIAJE AL ENCUENTRO DE TU PROPIO PARAÍSO, I was able to enjoy sceneries, situations the character lives, which I’ve felt or lived, or if not I’ve shared with friends. Alma chooses a path and she dares to follow it because she reaches that moment of dismay, of STOP. However, she depends on things, she has fears, like we all do, and thanks to an old Hawaiian tradition she discovers new ways of living. Along with a woman shaman, she will discover how to heal through the forces of nature, that will show their darkest aspects and how she can change them herself. A magical and internal journey and an extraordinary trip to Honolulu that leaves you with a good impression and some things to think about, so this STOP that sometimes paralyzes us turns into an I WANT MORE, because what I have is a gift and I want to enjoy it at its most.

A read for both men and women, we all have our role, in the novel, and in life, and knowing how to listen to ourselves is to move forward.

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