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Author: Sandra Bruna Wednesday 13 July 2022

This week, like last, we’re dealing with a historical novel. These past few months, we have been lucky enough to bring several great novels of this genre into the publishing market. In Blood Ties , Ramon Gasch and Teresa Sagrera work hand in hand to give voice to war heroines who were unknown up until recently. They were called ‘Las Bárbaras’ and were the women who fought for Gerona during the Napoleonic siege.

Marta lives happily with her husband and son in 1808 Gerona when, one fine day, a group of Napoleonic soldiers enter the city. Initially, it looks like a friendly enough entrance…

When the Treaty of Fontainebleau was signed, Spain and France agreed that they would unite to conquer Portugal and then split the territory among them. But to think that Napoleon would pass through the peninsula simply as an ally without attempting to conquer it was naive. The city of the four rivers was the victim of a great tragedy: a siege that caused thousands of deaths and the destruction of a large part of the city. Marta, like so many other women, is forced to face a merciless war and, after overcoming the initial shock, decides that she will do whatever it takes to defend and protect her world.

Blood Ties speaks of the often forgotten but decisive role women played in the defense and recovery of the city, and how they heroically organized themselves into a military company called ‘Las Bárbaras’. They stood out from the crowd because they wore a blood-red ribbon tied to their left arm, and because they fought fiercely to defend their city and their people.

This is yet another novel about brave women who, once again, demonstrate that although their role has always been in the background, they are able to do things which society does not even imagine to defend what they consider of their own. These two authors have a great mastery when it comes to writing about historical characters, and have managed to create a fast-paced, impactful novel, which will undoubtedly please lovers of the genre.

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