Author: Bruno Thursday 23 March 2023

Much has been said about conscious parenting and education, but I think that in the society we live in, a book like the one I recommend in this blog was missing up until now: A book about conscious separation.

As much as we raise and educate children consciously, if we do not follow the same path when a separation occurs, we could say that we are failing them. Of course, a separation is never something “nice” for a family, but sometimes it is totally necessary. Therefore, doing it consciously and taking care of the little ones is, in my opinion, the best and only way to proceed properly, and after reading the book SEPARADA, I’m even more sure of this.

In this book, therapists Rocío and Miguel Ángel explain how to go through this emotionally complex process. Mother and father of two children each, they both carried out conscious separations and later created a bonded family. Therefore, they know that making the decision to separate and then managing all the changes it entails can be very painful. The fear of traumatizing the children, the fear of the type of custody and not being able to see them whenever you want or the appearance of a third party… all of these can be overwhelming and even paralyzing. However, if the idea has been germinating in you for some time and you know that deep down it is your deepest desire, separation may prove to be the best option.

Narrated with honesty and courage, this book also contains part of the process of separation of the authors, so that it serves as inspiration for you, and you can separate in a conscious and responsible way. Because your children don’t need you living together: they need you to be happy.

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