Author: Sandra Bruna Thursday 3 March 2022

During the last few days, we wake up hearing about Russia starting a war. Same as always, wars are unnecessary, and they end up affecting citizens. Most people want peace, even more after a pandemic in which it seems, we have not learned to be better. Fortunately, I am immersed in the world of books, which always teach you, and I wish we could understand their messages better.  

This week we are going to talk about a middle grade from Gabriel Garcia de Oro: Yo, Raquel Pris: ¡Mi robot tiene un problema!, has been published in Catalan and Spanish by La Galera. Our main character is a very normal girl living in 2058: she attends school, has homework to do, but she is upset because her parents do not approve to have a robot at home. The robots coexist with humans, but in this society, both have doubts about what to do in the future, kind of what happens now to teenagers. In 2058, this uncertainty does not affect the human beings but mostly, the robots. If they do not know their goal in life, their destiny is to end up at the scrap center, a situation Raquel wants to avoid. How can she help her friends? What would happen if humans went through something like that? This is a fun story with a brave and supportive protagonist.

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