Author: Sandra Bruna Wednesday 13 April 2022

Easter is here which means a well-deserved rest for everyone. We are happy because the market is active again and we hope it doesn’t stop. On our return we have Sant Jordi, one of my favorite days of the year, and then, we need to prepare for the Madrid Book Fair, which I am also looking forward to. Everything that I have missed so much these two years seems to return so fast and nonstop, is making me excited. Although I need this break more than ever, I hope this doesn’t stop and that we can all continue to enjoy this illusion that invades us.
With everything that is coming, we must recharge our batteries even if it is only for four days. However, those of us in the sector do not go on vacation without a book and that is why I must recommend everyone to do so, since reading is therapeutic and revitalizing. Here are some of the books we have already talked about to keep you company during these short but intense vacations, which will surely be better with a book:
For those who love stories about history: La otra orilla by Elena Moya, La alquimia de la vida by Coia Valls and Nos recordarán by Carla Gracia.
For those who want a good nonfiction book to get to know themselves: El cerebro de la gente feliz by Ferran Cases and Sara Teller, El geniotipo by Tony Estruch, La fuerza de ser altamente sensible by Meritxell Garcia and Storycoaching by Gabriel García de Oro.
For those who want to reflect: 20 preguntas existenciales by Francesc Miralles and Te amarás sobre todas las cosas by Sonia Rico.
For those who want to find a solution: De darlo todo a pedir lo que te dé la gana by Silvia Bueso and Límites by Miriam Tirado.
For those who want to find both a solution and a smile: Coi de criatures by Sebastià Bennasar and Reír y vivir by Imma Rabasco.
For the little ones at home we recommend: El país de los pájaros sin alas by Nadia Ghulam, En tus zapatos by Meritxell García, Un cerezo by Alejandro Palomas and Sofia y la palabra salvaje, by Purificación Hernández.
For those who want intense novels: Un país con tu nombre, by Alejandro Palomas, Tándem by María Barbal and Algún día volveré a buscarte, by Javier Arias.
For everyone, we recommend: Cuentos para tener valor, by Àlex Rovira and Francesc Miralles and 101 cuentos emocionantes by Gabriel García de Oro and Purificación Hernández and El maravilloso mundo de los libros, by Ana Alcolea.
I wish you happy holidays, I hope they will be accompanied by one of these books or any other that you feel like reading because, as Borges said:
“One is not what he is because of what he writes, but because of what he has read”. So, let’s keep on reading which will always make us better. Reading is living.
Happy holidays.

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