Author: Bruno Thursday 15 September 2022

Second week of blog reviews and one of the most awaited novels for me. Laura Mas, an author who published her first book THE MASTER OF SOCRATES in the middle of the pandemic, is back with a new novel starring another strong and powerful woman: OLIMPIA.

It is not easy to find novels about ancient history written by women, and Laura has found that niche within the literary panorama and she does it with distinction. The first book, despite the inconvenient time in which it came out, did not sell badly at all, and the reviews were remarkable. I assure you that the story of OLIMPIA, mother of Alexander the Great, will not leave anyone indifferent.

Macedonia, 357 BC. The young princess of Epirus, Myrtle, moves into the palace of Pella after her marriage to Philip, King of Macedonia. The two have sealed an unbeatable alliance between their respective kingdoms, but she soon finds it difficult to adapt to a court where she must live with the rest of Philip’s wives. In addition, her fondness for snakes will be rejected by some aristocrats and nobles, including her own husband.

A year later, Mirtale gives birth to a child and changes her name to Olimpia, thus beginning a period in which her top priority would be the survival of her dynasty. Ambitious and non-conformist, Olimpia will overcome all the difficulties that come her way and defy anyone who jeopardises her interests.

Even though not much has been said about this fascinating woman, Laura Mas builds a novel in which she gives voice to Olimpia, who will tell us in first person her own story: for years, she will try to make a place for herself in a court where intrigues and power struggles flourished. With her strong character, her clear intelligence and, above all, the authority that came from being Alexander’s mother, the queen will fight against everything and everyone to put her son on the throne.

Olympias is the portrait of a woman who transcended the gender roles of her time to raise her dynasty to glory. Feared by her contemporaries and reviled by history, she was truly responsible for Alexander the Great’s reign in Macedonia.

A novel with all the ingredients for international success; a powerful female protagonist and the agile pen of a young and special author like Laura.

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