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Author: Sandra Bruna Thursday 16 May 2019

Let the Cannes Festival begin. I love cinema and the red carpet with the actors and the actresses wearing these amazing dresses. It makes me happy to think that many films are books adaptations: they are two world that perfectly fit together, that complement each other, and we should try to get closer.

This year we sold the film rights of books that we love like UNA MADRE or UN HIJO by Alejandro Palomas, EL IMPERIO DE LOS LEONES by Sebastià Bennassar, SIN RETORNO by Susana Rodríguez, and we’re about to close Nadia’s story, EL SECRET DEL MEU TURBANT, written by Nadia herself and Agnés Rotger.

Alejandro’s novels are very personal that not all the film producers would be capable of getting so well inside the author’s head, but both Morena Films with UNA MADRE and Capitán Araña with UN HIJO are working really hard, with passion and enthusiasm, so I’m sure that we will make both projects work.

The work that the Stromboli Film Production is doing with EL IMPERIO DE LOS LEONES is amazing, and if we finally bring the book to the big screen, I highly recommend to read the novel first, because in this case we can describe both film and book as excellent projects.

Susana Rodriguez Lezaun’s trilogy, which has sold more than 35,000 copies in Spain, has been chosen for a TV series for the Basque Country, a trilogy that continues to give us good news and that I think the international publishing world has overlooked. This would be a good moment to resume this project because Susana is on a par with many thrillers that have been successful in other countries.

Irene Ochoa has been trapped by Marcos, her husband, who abuse her. She has no weapons other than her survival instinct, and there is no other option: Marcos’ life or hers. The opportunity arises when he arrives more drunk than usual and, after a couple of drinks, falls asleep. Hours later, firefighters and police investigate the causes of the fire that has claimed Marcos’ life. That same night, when she is just beginning to taste freedom, she meets the man who could take everything from her: Inspector David Vázquez, the person in charge of the case, who falls madly in love with her, and Irene feels that she can finally be happy and free again.

Finally, with the release of the work EL SECRET DEL MEU TURBANT in France with the publisher De l’Archipel, we managed to get a French producer (Single Man) to try to bring the book to the screen. It’s such a powerful and human story, that it’s no easy task either, and I enjoyed reading this book so much while at the same time I didn’t believe what I was reading, because it’s based on Nadia’s real story and she couldn’t be stronger.  I would love it if it could arrive to the cinema so the story would have another way of diffusion, because Nadia’s life must be an example for everyone and the book circuit is pretty short sometimes. If we join together, we will be much stronger: they are two worlds that should not compete with each other. And maybe this may help us to bring the book back if people love the films, because on the contrary I think we are already doing it.

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