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Author: Sandra Bruna Thursday 15 July 2021

Working as an agent is so diverse that it can hardly be defined. Many ask about the demands to be a good agent, and the truth is that it involves so much that I struggle to mention the most basic aspects. Those who think we spend the greatest part of our day reading manuscripts, should remove that bucolic idea from their heads. In my personal case, it is impossible to fit the readings, which are basic in our jobs, in my daily routine. Therefore, I always end up reading before going to bed, when I am able to dedicate at least to hours to my authors’ readings and to the manuscripts my team refers as works which have potential to be represented. That is why a mature agency like mine, nearing its 20th year of existence, struggles to go for new voices. It has nothing to do with a lack of motivation, as the butterflies of falling for something and making it grow is a lovely part of this job. It’s just a matter of time, which does not normally leave enough room to develop this facet as much as we would like to. And being realistic, agents should know what they can manage in the time that is available to them, otherwise, the author and the agent will be dissatisfied. Nevertheless, we do leave some vacances open every year, even if it’s just a few, for the new voices that might win our hearts or might be different and extraordinary. In 2021 we have taken in several powerful non-fiction voices, as the sales in this genre have grown (something which is natural, after the pandemic and its effects) and a few fiction voices that captivated the entire team.

In non-fiction we have incorporated Ferran Cases who, with his books BYE BYE ANSIEDAD and PEQUEÑO LIBRO SOBRE LA ANSIEDAD is a leading voice on the topic in Spain. By the end of the year we will have a very special novelty, in co-authorship with Sara Teller, in which they will explain anxiety but in its most scientific aspect: teaching how to achieve a happy brain. In non-fiction we also have three powerful women who join the team with force. There’s SILVIA BUESO, who will publish her new book with Cúpula, about a topic which will turn the female world upside down, with her charisma and people skills. We also have MERITXELL GARCÍA, an expert in empathy who will publish a book on how to understand highly sensitive people. She will also join the children’s world to teach them how to be empathetic, because the sooner we learn to be so, the faster this change will come in our society. Lastly, there’s IMMA TABASCO, instagrammer and now author who will delight us with a very special book on the importance of smiling.

And in fiction, there’s Men Marías who, for me, is one of the most special voices that I have read recently. Her thriller, LA ÚLTIMA PALOMA, was published a month ago by Planeta and both press, and readers have praised it. An exciting thriller, with an unbelievable character, sergeant Patria Santiago, who will face the most macabre crime and will delight the lovers of strong emotions and will leave nobody indifferent. We are certain it will join the list of bestsellers. Recently, we have also incorporated a writer of historical fiction, Sandra Asa, who I will soon introduce, as hers is a powerful and original project. And her narrative voice is spectacular. Unfortunately, I will have to stop here.

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