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Author: Bruno Thursday 9 July 2020

Every year, since 2013, I have launched the solidarity campaign LA LITERATURA ALIMENTA (“The Literature Feeds”) to raise money for some NGOs. During the last few years, we’ve done this with EDUCO, which guarantees a meal a day for those children who can not afford it at home. This year we wanted to organize our literary festival for solidarity again, but the pandemic has paralyzed us. It was clear that this time we couldn’t organize the party in person nor order the gadgets that moved people to make their donations. However, seeing the news and the long queues of those people who need help, we decided to launch the campaign anyway and take advantage of social networks so that everyone can participate. For that reason, this year we have decided to continue with our initiative LA LITERATURA ALIMENTA (LITERATURE FEEDS) in favor of FUNDACIÓ BANC DELS ALIMENTS, which globally helps all those families who need this support to have the basics to eat.

I have always believed that thinking about others is basic, since there are people who live in very precarious conditions and this confinement has made them fall into a pit that no one would like to be in. Our duty is to support each other so that as many people as possible can recover and not fall into poverty. For this reason, thanks to the help of MiGranoDeArena, we have started the challenge of raising 3,000 euros for FUNDACIÓ BANC DELS ALIMENTS. No matter how little you can donate, I hope that you can collaborate and help us to achieve our goal, because life goes round in circles and maybe one day it’s you who needs help. I know this is not a good time for anyone, but let’s think that those of us who have something can share it with those who have nothing, because life is about giving and receiving.

To finish, I just have to say that I hope to have the challenge accomplished in a short time, because I trust all of you who read my posts every week and I know that we all fight for a better world. So, we are waiting for your donation, even if it is small. In return, you will receive an eBook with 9 never-seen-before stories by our authors talking about the different emotions that move us in this life. Our authors have always participated in this initiative, for which I am very grateful. They know that it is true that literature feeds the soul, but also the heart, and they encourage you to participate in this beautiful challenge that consists of helping others. So, go to and contribute your little grain of solidarity, because there’s only one life, but if you share, everything is always better. Thank you for believing that together we can make a better world. I believe it, and I try to do things like this to make it happen, will you help me?

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