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New book release today: ESPERANÇA I LLIBERTAT (Hope and freedom) by Raül Romeva. Raül Romeva was the Minister of Institutional Relations and Foreign Affairs of Catalonia, one of the politicians involved in the Independence process in Catalonia that started the1st of October of 2017. Today, he is in prison after being accused of rebellion, and Raül […]

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‘THE GIRL OF THE CELLO’: new book release!

‘THE GIRL OF THE CELLO’ by Jordi Campoy was released yesterday with high expectations! Jordi Campoy has written a magical novel that talks about the luck, the mysteries that brings the soundtrack of our life and the certainty that coincidences do not exist. Read our blog post! Bruno’s Blog

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‘The old lady who crossed the world on a bicycle’: rights sold to Italy!

‘The old lady who crossed the world on a bicycle’ by Gabri Ródenas has sold its rights to the Italian publisher Antonio Vallardi. Portugal, Greece, Bulgaria and Germany are the other countries that have already acquired the rights of this magical fabule. This sweet and positive fable is an invitation to discover the treasures life […]

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‘A MOTHER’: ready for Serbia!

‘A mother’ by Alejandro Palomas is ready to be printed in Serbia with this beautiful cover. The Serbian publishing house that has acquired the rights of the book is KOSMOS. With Serbia, ‘A mother’ already counts with 11 translations. UNA MADRE

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‘THE TEMPLE OF THE HEART’: rights sold to Italy!

The inspirational book ‘THE TEMPLE OF THE HEART’ by Lola Sorribes has sold its right to the italian publisher Corbacci. How can you believe in love again after a heart break? How do you believe in life again when there is no light on the horizon? When Patricia moves to Mexico with her husband, she […]

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