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Ikigai, 6th edition in USA. The book which has become an international bestseller

Monday 19 February 2018

Can two Spanish authors sell millions of books all over the world?

Héctor García and Francesc Miralles are the newest hits in the International Publishing market with their book ‘Ikigai’, the Japanese secret for a long and happy life.

There are surprising books which success is completely unexpected and unpredictable and that completely surprise the publishing world. Héctor García (Kirai) and Frances Miralles travelled to the eldest town in the world to study and understand why its neighbours live longer than in any other place in the world. This town is Okinawa, an isle located in the south of Japan where the number of people over 100 years old is 24.55 for every 100.000 neighbours, way over the rest of the world.  After the trip, hundreds of interviews and loads of hours doing research, Ikigai was born, a book which reveals the secrets for a long and happy life.

Ikigai has been translated into 38 languages and over 300.000 copies have been sold all over the world. For instance, some specific data about some of the countries:

Spain – Urano – 6 editions, 18.000 copies sold

USA – Viking Penguin – 6 editions, 50.000 copies sold

Holland – J.M. Meulenhoff BOEKERIJ – 17 editions, 50.000 copies sold

Italy – Rizzoli – 2 editions

Germany – Ullstein Buchverlage GmbH – 2 editions

Portugal –Porto Editora – 2 editions

Bulgary – Gnezdoto – 4 editions

Romania – Humanitas Fiction- 4 editions

Russia – Alpina Publisher – 2 editions

What is ikigai?

This Japanese concept could be understood as “the happiness of always being busy”. As the Japanese claim, everybody has got an ikigai, a reason to live, a goal. Some have already found it and are knowledgeable of it, others have it inside but are still looking for it.

The Ikigai method

But, how are we meant to find our Ikigai? And, if we have already found it, how do we empower it in order to inspire us in every aspect of our existence? The Authors develop the new book in order to solve this doubts, El metodo Ikigai, published the last September (in Spanish by Aguilar, Penguin Random House, and in Catalan by Ara Llibres).

The book proposes 35 ways, with practical exercises, to carry out and fulfil our projects, so that, along the way, happiness and well-being are naturally born from within.

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