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ALEGRÍA, de Francesc Miralles y Álex Rovira: nueva cubierta para Holanda.

Tuesday 21 January 2020

Today we are happy to share the publication of ALEGRÍA by Álex Rovira and Francesc Miralles in the Netherlands. This book is the best companion to reintroduce joy into your life. We spend a lot of time looking for happiness and the authors warn us that while we wait for this happiness to happen, we are missing out on thousands of joys that life gives us.

Joy is a natural feeling in all human beings, and we can see it in babies every time they look around and contemplate the world in wonder. When we are adults, we can misplace that gift that we were born with, but the truth is that we never lose it. Joy is a wonderful driving force that can conquer all, that is always close to us, sometimes so close that we cannot even see it.

Joy is innate within us, you just must rediscover it, and what is it if not the happiness that many happy moments? Today our joyful moment is being able to share this news which, as literary agents, makes us a little happier. Alegría has been published in Catalan and Spanish (Grupo Planeta), Bulgarian (GNEZDOTO), Turkish (PENA YAYINLARI) and Dutch (J.M. Meulenhoff BOEKERIJ bv).

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