Author: Bruno Thursday 29 December 2022

A new year begins and we all have millions of expectations for what is to come, which is logical. However, I like to look back, see where I come from and thank the past year for all the good things it has given me and even the bad, since many times from what we consider “bad” we can learn something positive. So we say goodbye to 2022, for me a very productive and stable year, to enter 2023, with the desire to live it to the fullest, to continue trying to live in the present, to be happy with what I have, what I do and to be able to give the people around me what they need.
I have learned a lot about this by reading our non-fiction authors, who in different subjects have provided me with the necessary tools. The goal is to live life happily and at peace with yourself, to know how to face the obstacles that may come, so that once you think you have reached the top, you can keep climbing, as my friend and author Francesc Miralles has encouraged me to do in his Christmas greeting.
So here I leave you with all these titles, each one better than the last, so that 2023 will be an exceptional year for each of you.
From Sandra Bruna Literary Agency we wish you all the best and we are looking forward to sharing more books with each of you. Happy New Year and happy reading!

  1. La vida empieza cada día by Anne Igartiburu
  2. Los doce códigos del amor by Elva Abril
  3. La ley del reflejo by Xavier Guix
  4. Dinerograma by Nacho Mühlenberg
  5. Geniotipo by Tony Estruch
  6. Namasté by Francesc Miralles y Héctor García 
  7. El hábito hace al monje by Sonia Rico

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