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Author: Sandra Bruna Thursday 26 November 2015


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How often, unfortunately, after believing that we know someone, we get surprised because we see that is not the person we thought he or she was. In the business world, especially, it has come a time when the word trust is so great that you can have it with very few. We always have to be aware and alert because, unfortunately, there are very few people who says who they really are. We only have a few friends, and it is difficult to find loyal people in a world full of egos; although not impossible. It is true that while the world goes revolutionized in every way, and of course, the literary, however small, is not far short, but from my point of view, one should retain its essence, despite being in the middle of the jungle. It is clear that to survive, we must protect ourselves, we are not fools. But sometimes I think that if one keeps his ideals and values, protecting without harming your neighbor, just knowing how to defend yourself so you do not  get hurt in the end you get what you want, that to me is sleep well and live happily with mine.

However, as Albert Villaró tells in his latest novel LA BIBLIA  ANDORRANA (The Andorran Bible), published by Columna and Prudenci Bertrana Prize winner, it is not always easy acting with rigor, and eventually we may lose scruples, as happens in this inspector Boix new book located in Andorra. The Principat, reluctantly, has become the scene of a silent battle between rival intelligence services (or perhaps not so rivals) to buy, sell, invent or steal sensitive information. The survival of the small Pyrenean country, in a difficult relationship with neighboring states, hangs by a thread. Nobody is who they say they are. Boix have to travel to Madrid, remove some old papers and, above all, for the first time in his life and very reluctantly, have to act without scruples or contemplations.

An exciting novel that reflects nowadays worlds and where the reader will be who will find the border between fiction and reality way.

Do you dare to read it?

“I will not let injustice, no foul play, but if someone is caught practicing corruption without my receiving a commission, we will put up against the wall … and give the order to fire!” Groucho Marx

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