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Author: Sandra Bruna Thursday 30 May 2019

When I tell people that I work with books, almost everybody is interested in knowing more, and when you keep talking and tell them you work as a literary agent, people feel more curious, because nobody knows what this job is about. The truth is that the work of a literary agency, a person who defends the writer’s rights, who intermediates between the publisher and the author, which was the basic task, is growing bigger and everyday we are more involved in more processes, because the world of books is changing and transforming. As a consequence, our work is also changing, and in addition, we need to use our creativity or we stay behind. We locked ourselves in a past that was way much better and that prevents us from evolving.  For this reason, reading the book by Ferran Martínez helped me: 13 canastas para ganar en los negocios (13 baskets to win in the digital businesses), published by Economía Digital, is a guide to understand the working of the new economy and which are the key processes to be successful in business. Under the claim focus-see-measure-execute-win, Martínez establishes, in thirteen concepts, resemblances between the high competition sports and the business: “to progress you have to have a disruptive mentality, that is to say, apply creativity in your daily tasks”. The truth is that this is something I’ve been trying to apply in my agency for a long time now; however, the world of books is still a world where the old and the modern are at war that makes us advance slowly, but this thought about the new economy and the economical and technological field from Ferran’s perspective, encourages me not to give up and keep reinventing myself.

Ferran Martínez, after a successful career in the Spanish basketball, in which he accumulated 156 internationals with Spain -and with the Euroleague basketball in 1994- he took up his other great passion: the economy. He’s now a successful businessman and ambassador for the United States of the Economic Confederation of Andorra, Martínez acknowledges that the values that sport taught him have been applied to the economy: “pressure, excellence and teamwork rule today the functioning of markets”. For this reason, the author not only describes the changes in the economic scenario but also gives the readers advice to make the most of their savings.

From crypto coins to blockchain, the new economy provides new business opportunities to “those brave people that dare to go further and add value to their product/service” says the author. This way, Ferran recommends to mix teamwork, creativity, talent and training to be successful in this new stage of the economy, that is not that far as we think and that we will have to face someday.

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