Author: Bruno Thursday 22 September 2022

This week’s post is very special, not only for the agency, but for our readers too. Héctor García and Francesc Miralles are releasing a new book after the success of IKIGAI, which has been translated into 66 languages and of which they have sold more than 2,500,000 copies worldwide. Nobody knew the word IKIGAI, and these two authors explained its meaning and the reason for each one to find their IKIGAI and be happier. The world has thanked them in return, because after seven years they are still selling and this phenomenon is growing steadily in all the countries of the world, including the United States. In that territory we have 11 editions without being American authors. So, as we can see, this tandem does nothing but add up, and this week we start with their new book titled NAMASTE. This word, better known to most of us, means “I bow to you” or “my soul salutes yours”, it is the traditional Hindu greeting and implies the recognition that there is a divine spark in every one of us. From this perspective, the authors propose a path to harmony, awareness and well-being, this time inspired by Indian wisdom. This has been spreading throughout the world for years, just as Japanese wisdom did in its time. Without detracting from each other, as they are not mutually exclusive, but both bring light amid so much shadow.

In less than 20 key concepts, the authors have traced a complete geography of happiness that allows us to leave suffering behind, awaken our creative power and live with health and energy in any phase of life. Namaste is one more tool to help us live fully in a chaotic world where noise and bad news occupy a large part of our daily lives. This book is a path of reconnection with the sacred that you will want to take to build the present you deserve and the future you dream of.  These two authors turn timeless concepts into real and transformative experiences for you, the reader, to understand and apply in life in a healthy and natural way. I am sure that IKIGAI fans will not hesitate for a second to turn to NAMASTE. There are already many of us readers, but I recommend that, if anyone is not yet familiar with these two writers, they should go for both books. They can be the lifesaver we are all looking for to better understand what we are doing here and what we can do is to have hope that we can contribute something and achieve a full life.

Francesc Miralles is my friend, a vital author in the life of my agency, and in my personal life. He has always been by my side, and we have grown up together and we have been at each other’s sides in the publishing world with everything. It is an extraordinary adventure, and a story we will tell one day. Thanks to him I have authors like Héctor García, another ace, who from afar trusts our work, and many other authors who have come from his hand, and who are also leading lights in the genres they cultivate. Francesc not only writes well, but he is a magician in the world of literature, because he recognises a bestseller at a glance, and from an apparently insignificant subject he can make a book that sells millions of copies. This can only be done by him. He deserves recognition for his career, beyond selling books, which he has already achieved. So, I can only say: NAMASTE my friend, thank you for continuing to walk hand in hand with me, never letting go, not even in difficult times, and for believing that this distant horizon that we both see every year that passes, has no end.

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