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Author: Sandra Bruna Thursday 17 December 2015

2015-12-16 10.10.48Every day, when I wake up, I think of the busy day that’s about to start and all the things I have to do, and I would close my eyes again and I would get back in bed and wish it was all a dream, that it’s Saturday and alarm clocks don’t exist, but in that very moment the bloody tititititi of my alarm brings me back to reality and I have to get up and take a shower, make the bed, pick out some clothes and get dressed. And all of that in half an hour because then I have to wake up the little one and encourage him to also stick to a routine in record time. Every day is the same, speed, and craziness, but the sweetest moment, one that I would like to relive forever isn’t when I stay in bed five minutes longer, which I would also relive, but it’s not the most important, because the moment that I wouldn’t change for anything in the world is when I go wake up my son, an whisper in his ear that it’s time to wake up, as I kiss him non-stop, I touch his head and I take a moment to caress him , because he sleeps like a baby, even though he’s already a preteen. This magical moment is one of the many that complete us and that for a mother, like me, gives us the energy needed to be able to start the day with a smile.

Being a mother isn’t easy, and you have to go over many obstacles, but these special little moments you can live with your children, take away all those obstacles from your path. Maternity is an adventure, but it’s worth it even though there are days where you think peace is inexistent and you’re ready to give up. There are frantic moments, it’s true, but if you think about it with a smile on your face and next to your family, everything passes; because life is short and it should be lived intensely. And kids make everything intense and everything often looks like it’s going to explode, but if you act calm and comprehensive enough, it doesn’t always burst, or maybe only a little, and everything is quickly rearranged so that instant becomes unrepeatable. With the book PEQUEÑAS IDEAS PARA ANTES DE SER MAMÁ, published by Maeva, you will remember what you’ve lived if you’re already a mom, and if you’re not, you can prepare for the best and for the worst, but one thing’s true, your smile will always have the taste of chocolate bonbons. It’s the sweetest adventure, and it should be cherished. With this book you can laugh, share and learn. It’s ideal for experts not to forget, and the best gift for first-time moms to learn.

“Maternity is the most demanding and difficult job in the world… But it’s also the most gratifying. Enjoy!”

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