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Author: Sandra Bruna Thursday 23 May 2019

Any love breakup is painful, on both sides. It is evident that the abandoned suffers more than the one who abandons, but putting an end to a relationship is never an easy task because you leave one part of yourself in the other, many shared moments that remain in your memory, even if you don’t want to recognize it. These happy moments that you seldom enjoy but that leave you a good taste in your mouth almost impossible to forget. However, love is a flame that cannot be extinguished, because then it is very difficult to light it again, and we all need to feel this flame sometime during the day. We all need to feel loved, and when we lack this, there’s something inside us that it’s not properly working.

Jordi Tello is the writer of 1816, EL AÑO QUE NO HUBO VERANO (the year without summer), a small book in shape but big inside. Each sentence, each word, is perfectly measured and properly placed so you can feel the pain when you lose someone you love, when one day this person vanishes like the smoke.

I found Jordi thanks to Instagram, because his writings surprised me, they made me feel, and I read a lot because of my job, even texts I find in the social media, always in order to find something capable to move me. And his writings in particular made me laugh, cry, recall old moments full of passion, and I was surprised with myself because I did something that I have never done before: sending a message to a stranger, just to congratulate him for his writings. He answered me, kindly, and told me that he was about to publish a book with Urano, with Esther Sanz as his publisher, a person that I know very well because she’s one of the best and she’s also an amazing writer. I wasn’t surprised by this pairing, and I assure you that my intention wasn’t to recruit this boy, but just to tell him he had the sufficient talent to publish a book, but as Esther already have found him, I thought my relationship with Jordi ended there.

However, Jordi contacted me again and told me he was working on a new text and invited me to read it. I just loved it. Short texts but very deep, full of feelings, that aroused something in me once again. And now, here we are, Esther as his publisher, and I will try to take these texts to the next level. There are a lot of books that talk about love breakups, but not as Jordi does. I didn’t find books that talk openly about love, passion and madness, but also about doubts and sadness, about knowing how to forgive, in a few sentences and words. This is pure narrative poetry that switches on the warning lights of all the hearts. A short book to read quickly, that we can’t place in a particular genre, but we know something for sure: it’s pure feeling and makes me feel so much that I will leave on my nightstand to read the proper page when I sense my heart is fragile. 

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