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Author: Sandra Bruna Thursday 19 April 2018

One of the best days of the year is just around the corner, Sant Jordi, and I must admit those who work in this market are pretty busy- before, during and after-. I must also admit I don’t know anyone of this Publishing world who doesn’t adore this day, who doesn’t have butterflies in the stomach when waking up, who doesn’t smile, who doesn’t feel the excitement about a day in which books themselves are the main characters.

I love waking up early, getting to see how roses and books stands are built, with that characteristic excitement of the day. To smell my wonderful city, Barcelona, all dressed up ready to celebrate. Our party. This year, the Agency will have a stand in the neighborhood where we will go on with our Charity Campaign LA LITERATURA ALIMENTA, and where we will be delighted to recommend the best book for that special person you want to surprise.

This blog has already dealt with many news which are already on sale and we hope reach the top. This year we have a special book, special for the date, a book which Comanegra has amazingly published, as everything they do. Silvia Tarragó is the author of the story, a modern Sant Jordi, in which love and books are the main characters, an amazing detail for all of those who think of books as the best present in the world. A plot in which a Jordi does not enjoy reading at all, but Anna -book fan- will make him fall in love with books… as they fall in love with each other. Simple, short, well developed. It is, with no doubt, the best present for reading lovers, for those who believe in love and those who love Sant Jordi. You should have a book like this one, you must.

They say a picture is word a thousand words, I don’t completely agree, but for those who agree, here we attach our special video for Sant Jordi, full of pictures and words which speak out for themselves. Have an amazing Sant Jordi, and keep on reading, because without books, we would not be what we are.

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