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Author: Bruno Thursday 26 March 2020

This blog will be the second one I write from home. It makes me sad to think that we’ve been teleworking for two weeks now. The days are passing and, as if we were automatons, we are getting used to living indoors.  This situation is causing me several negative thoughts that paralyze me. However, I have to make an effort to smile again and think that everything will be fine.

LA LLIBERTAT INTERIOR (“Inner Freedom”, Columna / Diana), by Gaspar Hernández, is one of the books I have recently recommended. Having read this book is helping me to get through this situation we are living through in the best possible way. Today, more than ever, I realize the importance of everything Gaspar says in this book. It is true that one of the greatest obstacles to being free is fear, and now I think we are all feeling it. It’s totally normal, but we shouldn’t let it paralyze us. As the author tells us, we must learn to look inside ourselves in order to give our best to the outside. Now we have the opportunity to take hold of this book and face the future that lies ahead.

This book will be a fundamental tool to face the new world that is coming. Nothing will ever be the same again and we need to learn to know who we really are in order to start again with more strength. For me, LA LLIBERTAT INTERIOR has been a fundamental book to be able to better face this new paradigm. Thank you very much Gaspar for not allowing this situation to paralyze us.

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