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Living Christmas slowly. Books and movies, the perfect combination.

Author: Sandra Bruna Thursday 20 December 2018

Less than a week for Christmas and we all want a big celebration and a break to finish the term. But these last days are also very busy because of the company dinners, the meetings with old friends, meetings to look back on the year, and all this together with children’s events, the extracurricular activities and buying gifts for everyone. However, I confess that I love it and I want to enjoy it, so I don’t want Christmas to slip through my hands. So I start filling my agenda with things I wish to do, and not as an obligation. I went to the film preview ‘SOBRE RUEDAS’, which I loved, it made me laugh and also think. The perfect comedy for these days, because apart from reading, we should also go to the cinema. It’s a pity I cannot dedicate more time to this hobby of mine.

This year we sold the options of different books to adapt them to the big screen or to a serie format, and the truth is that it makes me really happy when these two world cross their ways, and I hope we can do this more often because in both fields you can find great professionals.

Now is where I leave you with our advent calendar that is coming to an end, and I’m pretty sure it inspired all of you for some Christmas presents. A book is a really nice gift. Don’t forget that it is a great travelling companion and life partner. Merry Christmas!

14th of December
A SON by Alejandro Palomas


His most special book. Guille is a quiet boy who is always smiling. He has only one friend. But this serenity hides a fragile world and a mystery to solve. The pieces are a father living a crisis, a missing mother, a curious teacher and a psychologist willing to understand what Guille hides.


15th of December


An inspirational book that will change your destiny. This month has arrived to Mexico and it is already the most sold book in the country.


16th of December


Undoubtedly, one of the greatest books of the year. The first book ever that tells the life of Louis Braille and that is catching the media attention. An amazing inspirational story.


17th of December
IKIGAI by Héctor Garcia and Francesc Miralles


the Japanese secrets for a long and happy life. The international bestseller with 42 translations and 1.000.000 copies sold.


18th of December
NO WAY BACK by Susana Rodríguez


The first of the crime trilogy that is followed by ‘Cold debts’  and ‘I will see you tonight’. The books have been included in the 100 ‘Most Sold Crime and Thriller Books’ List.


19th of December


Can you imagine that the day of your birthday disappears on the calendar? An amazing book for the youngest ones!

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