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Author: Bruno Thursday 8 October 2020

For those of us who have always liked books, I am almost sure that we have read THE FAMOUS FIVE, THE TWINS AT ST.CLARE’S, PUK or the entire TINTÍN collection. These books, even today, are still alive, and the new generations are hooked on them, so I wonder if there is a magic formula to make them timely. I do not have the answer, if I did, the publishing world would lose all its magic. However, what I am sure of is that the formulas of these publishing phenomena are replicated, modernized and that they work again. It is true that fashions change, and sometimes the most realistic books have been left in the background to give way to fantasy and dystopian worlds, but I think that those novels, with which children can identify themselves with, have something that engages them. As is the case with STRANGER THAN LOVE, published by Edebé, and signed by Francesc Miralles, an author who knows how to connect with the younger audiences, despite the fact that his recent successes have been in non-fiction books for adults. Francesc has always had a space for the youngest public and by winning the Gran Angular prize with A HAIKU FOR ALICE he opened a path among the youngest that he finished off with his work RETRUM, a super-seller, among many other works, because he has always bet on literature for the younger readers when many were treating it as second division. Therefore, I am delighted that a publisher like Edebé has published STRANGER THAN LOVE, a novel that recovers the value of friendship, the summer camps with friends, the discovery of love, to know how important it is to fit in or not in today’s society, and the adventures, paying tribute to one of the series of the Netflix platform that has been most successful among teenagers and adults, STRANGER THINGS. With that retro touch that made those of our generation fall in love with it, and also fans of the Goonies, the series managed to be a leader among all audiences and cultivate the fan phenomenon, something that Miralles already achieved with RETRUM, making a tribute to the Gothic world. I hope that a new success awaits for him with this beautiful novel, where the protagonist Nemrod knows what it is like to feel different and takes refuge in his room, a museum dedicated to his favorite series. But when he learns that there is a themed camp called Strange Camp, he doesn’t hesitate to do anything he can to raise the money to go there that summer. Overcoming his fears, he will find the beginning of many things and will have to face something stranger than a Monster. I am sure that Miralles will not disappoint you with this novel that I read in only one weekend and that left me with an amazing feeling in my heart. In short, it is a powerful story for young audiences of 12 years old and older.

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