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Author: Sandra Bruna Wednesday 31 October 2018

Cold has arrived, the day is shorter, smells like winter and everything looks more depressing. However, I like to think in all the positive things that are coming: these two cold and grey seasons do not bring only sadness. There are many good things, like enjoying a fire by the fireplace, having a hot chocolate with friends or just staying in bed with a book, because you feel like staying home rather than going out. So nothing is black or white but everything has its shades. However, I must confess that the autumn makes me sad. But something has arrived, something that has made me smile and cry with emotion: it has been the novel by Gabri Ródenas, who I have the pleasure to represent, called The old lady who crossed the world in a bicycle, published by Urano together with Rocio Carmona, a great publisher and writer.

You cannot imagine how special is this book, with a charming character, Ms. Maru, a 90 years old lady who is devoted to an orphanage in Oaxaca. At the moment she finds out she has a nephew, Ms. Maru takes her bike, her only possession, and decides to go to Veracruz to find him. A journey about the power of dreams, a journey that proves the power of the little things, a very real and humane journey that leaves you breathless in every page, a journey that invites you to discover the little treasures in life and to see that it really doesn’t matter if it’s winter or summer, if the day is short or long: what really matters is how your heart lives. Someone once told me: be careful how you look at the world, because the world will end up becoming what you see it to be. This is an undeniable truth and we should all follow Ms. Maru’s steps. You will not be able to put the book down and you will love to see the world through her eyes. 

At Frankfurt, we sold the rights of the book to a wonderful German publishing house, Thiele Verlag, and we hope that more publishers will be bringing this incredible story to their readers, because with books like this, the reader is happy and we make a better world thanks to words. Congratulations to Gabri for this great book which we hope to make travel in more languages.


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