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castellano: Destino
catalán: Grup 62


Genre: Contemporary novel
Topic: Fiction
Number of pages: 224

[I could have saved Lorca]

A story about memory and regret, of how everything could have been, but never was.

“I could have saved Lorca.” I heard my grandfather mutter this phrase when I was a child. He was from Granada, his name was Manuel Bonilla Jimenez and he was a quiet man. My parents left me with him some weekends. One day he showed me a gun … I knew that he had fought in the Civil War. Granada … García Lorca … Civil War … It rang a bell, but … what did my silent grandfather have to do with all that? What was a quiet man hiding with his “I could have saves Lorca”? That’s the begining a journey that will tear several veils of a crucial trance of the history of Spain and post-war Catalonia, a trip full of fortuitous encounters, personal events, unique findings, illuminating interviews with glimpses of Dalí, Buñuel and other personalities, various stumbles and discoveries in the human geography of yesterday’s Andalusia and today’s Catalonia that will create an intriguing plot that precipitates the history of Spain in a vibrant collective tale that will resonate in the familiar and personal depths of thousands of readers

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