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Genre: Historic Novel
Topic: Fiction
Number of pages: 395

These are troubled times for the Inca Empire. The emperor Yupanqui Pachacutec has started a territorial expansion to avoid the fulfilment of the prophecy that predicts the near extinction of his people. This bloody process will involve fights against successors, unexpected betrayals and the raising of heroes and martyrs. But above all, it will require the effort of the people, which will be forced to work united in the construction of the sacred city, from which the Son of Inti will rule the fate of his entire domain.

Meanwhile, in a small village of the empire, a priest has read in the stars that Nemrac, a young woman with emerald eyes, is called to be the Daughter of the Sun. Overwhelmed by such honour, the girl’s parents, Nuba and Airún, will undertake a way with no return towards the Temple of Inticancha, where their daughter will have to accomplish her destiny. Through the tough journey, Nuba will lose his daughter and wife, will find out that reality can be terrible and at the same time he will gather enough courage to face fatality and to reunite again with Airún and Nemrac. This adventure will demand not only all his force, rigour and wit, but also a great spiritual growth to accept and understand the elusive meaning of life.

La virgen del sol is an exciting novel that transports the reader to the lands of the Inca Empire while disclosing the spirituality of this millennial culture.

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